Elisabetta Gregoraci: the black bikini on Instagram is an essential classic

Elisabetta Gregoraci: the black bikini on Instagram is an essential classic

Elisabetta Gregoraci greeted Kenya with a last shot on Instagram, in which she sports a black bikini to copy

Gregoraci with Briatore, D'Urso in a home version: the Christmas of VIPs

Gregoraci with Briatore, D’Urso in a home version: the Christmas of VIPs

It’s time to say goodbye to Kenya to go back to Italy: Elisabetta Gregoraci’s dream vacation is now running out, but the showgirl has given us a new unmissable look to copy for next summer.

Elisabetta Gregoraci, the black bikini to copy

Elisabetta Gregoraci spent wonderful days in the company of the two men of her life, her son Nathan Falco and her ex-husband Flavio Briatore, who hosted them in recent weeks in a dream property owned by him in Kenya.

A holiday of relaxation and fun, between dives in crystal clear waters, sunny beaches and sunsets that take your breath away: this is how these days of celebration spent in Africa can be summarized, away from everything and everyone and surrounded by the love of people most important to her.

The showgirl meanwhile, sporting a tan to be envied, wore the latest bikini of the holiday, a timeless classic with an extra touch. In fact, Elisabetta greeted Kenya with a last shot: toned and lean body, amber skin, sunglasses and a black two-piece to be copied.

The Gregoraci bikini has a particular charm, with a trendy one-shoulder band enriched by small wooden beads inserted in the laces of the swimsuit, from which to take inspiration for the summer.

Obviously, this post, like the previous ones, has collected likes and comments from its loyal fans: “Perfect to say the least, we carry in our hearts all the experiences you have made us live through your stories”, wrote one of his followers. , while another commented “You are beautiful as the sun, crazy! Thank you for taking us with you again this time and making us love this wonderful land! Have a good return “.

Elisabetta Gregoraci, the special moments in Kenya

The Instagram account of Elisabetta Gregoraci, as her fans have rightly noted, represented a sort of travel diary, where she shared the most beautiful and special moments of this holiday spent with her loved ones.

“Hello Kenya, I carry you in my heart… See you soon”, he wrote in his last post to greet the country that welcomed them during these happy days. In fact, the showgirl has published, in addition to the shots that portray her in costume, also many videos in the company of her son, unrepeatable moments that transmit all the joy of her family.

“Complicity and love”, wrote Elisabetta Gregoraci referring to her and her Nathan Falco, intent on having fun together, between dives in the sea, hugs and many, many laughs. After all, the former gieffina has always lived the relationship with social media in a genuine and transparent way, making sympathy her winning card: this is why everyone appreciates her for the woman she is, beyond her evident beauty.

The experience at Big Brother Vip helped her a lot: it was right inside the most spied house in Italy that Gregoraci showed a new side that not everyone knew, that of a true, spontaneous, sincere person that everyone they have learned to love.

Elisabetta Gregoraci

Elisabetta Gregoraci, the bikini on Instagram

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