Exposed G string: the 2000s fetish that we like (and is back in fashion)

Exposed G string: the 2000s fetish that we like (and is back in fashion)

After the crop tops, the low waist and the combination of skirts and tight jeans, they are back too: the visible g-strings, i.e. the drawstrings of the underpants that emerge from the trousers, embracing the hips.

Exposed G string: the return

Tremble, tremble, g strings are back! Are the tattoos on the lower back to match also arriving, in great reprieve? The models of the late nineties and early 2000s know well how this accessory, small and insignificant for some, was a real catalyst for sensuality. Along with all the Y2K fashion, plain underwear has also made a comeback: what do we think?

The stars who wear it

From Heidi Klum to Bella Hadid, from Dua Lipa to Hailey Bieber: the strings of the underpants, basically thongs or thongs, in plain sight, had conquered the star system then and did not think twice about taking back the stage. For some it is a touch of eccentricity, for others of avoidable vulgarity; for us, they can be an element with variable aesthetics, adaptable to deliberately kitsch looks but also to more elegant and sensual outfits.

Let’s not be intimidated by the 2000s

The low waists, the adhesions and the uncovered stomachs can be frightening at first glance, especially those who lived the 2000s as a teenager and would gladly forget the communication that the mass media have carried forward on bodies (thin, in the name of heroin chic as Kate Moss). Today, however, the rules of the game have changed and, although we must always pay attention to a possible return of the toxic ideal beauty standard, partly heralded by some of the latest catwalks, it is also useful to breathe a sigh of relief: the return of these mode is in style also because it is inclusive of all bodies.