Florent Pagny has finished his treatments but is not “declaring victory”. Are recurrences common?

Florent Pagny has finished his treatments but is not “declaring victory”.  Are recurrences common?

Almost two years after the official announcement of his lung cancer, Florent Pagny stopped by the set of the 8 p.m. news on TF1 to give his news. If they are rather good, the singer remains cautious and specifies that he does not want to “declare victory” too quickly. In fact, this is the third time that the artist has been treated. How does a recurrence of lung cancer appear? Are they common? The answers of Dr Ivan Pourmir, oncologist at the European George-Pompidou hospital, in Paris.

It’s been almost two years since Florent Pagny revealed he was affected by lung cancer. The artist has since regularly given his news and he did so again yesterday, Thursday November 16, on the set of the TF1 newspaper.

He announces good news, but does not want to “declare victory” too quickly

Thus, Florent Pagny speaks directly to Gilles Bouleau. “Today I did all my exams after my last treatment and a series of rays, I even finished my rays this afternoon. Everything went well and the results are great” indicates the former coach of The Voice.

But scalded by two recurrences of his illness, he adds that he does not want to “declare victory too quickly”. “For the third time, it disappears, but hey, it’s still three times that it appears, so I’m not going to claim victory too much.” believes the singer.

The two types of lung cancer

There are two main types of lung cancer. “Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)” recalls Dr Ivan Pourmir, oncologist at the European Georges-Pompidou hospital in Paris.

The first type is a less common cancer, which affects 20% of patients. The disease spreads quickly throughout the body, we can almost never operate on patients.” first of all specifies Dr Pourmir. “For this second type of cancer, NSCLC, which are the most common (80% of lung cancers), the first reflex is to operate on them, if possible, otherwise we begin a cycle of chemotherapy and radiotherapy with complementary immunotherapy Sometimes“.

What is a recurrence of the disease and are they common?

According to the specialist, this type of lung cancer also sometimes presents itself immediately in an oligometastatic form, that is to say that there are two or three metastases located elsewhere, in the body, in addition to the tumor original.

If this is not the case, the presence of metastasis or a new tumor within the initial location indicates a recurrence of the disease. “This happens when microscopic cells have not been destroyed by chemotherapy, then distant metastases or local recurrence are discovered. specifies Ivan Poumir. Are they common? “Unfortunately yes. For cancers initially operated on, the probability of relapse increases with the size of the original tumor and the presence of possible residues that the surgeon could not have removed.

How to treat a recurrence of cancer?

Once recurrence is noted, treatments to try to eradicate the cancer resume.

Sometimes it is worth trying to act locally, on these metastatic sites. Stereotactic radiotherapy techniques can be used, which concentrate a high dose of rays on a small volume. Interventional radiologists can also intervene, under ultrasound or scanner guidance, to heat or freeze the metastates, everything will depend on the technique adopted. These patients generally also benefit from systemic treatment, administered by infusion, because at this stage of the disease, we know that microscopic tumor cells are often circulating in the body. concludes the doctor.