From a scrub with coconut to a toner in a stick: beauty news of the week

From a scrub with coconut to a toner in a stick: beauty news of the week

Mille Fey beauty salons announced a birthday promotion

From November 20 to 24, in both Mille Fey salons (3rd Frunzenskaya St., 19; Presnenskaya Emb., 8, bldg. 1) surprises await customers in honor of the company’s birthday:

  • 16% discount on services and goods;
  • win-win lottery and gifts;
  • Black Friday (November 24–25) with 30–50% discounts on products.

Salon “MilleFey”

The main prize in honor of the holiday is a weekend for two at the Metropole Monte-Carlo Hotel in Monaco. The Belle Époque style hotel opened back in 1886. Its restoration was carried out by the French architect Jacques Garcia. The hotel features the Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant Yoshi and Odyssey, designed by Karl Lagerfeld. In collaboration with Givenchy, the hotel operates the Metropole by Givenchy Spa, which features treatments developed specifically for the Metropole Monte-Carlo.

Foreo has released a gadget for the area around the eyes and lips Bear 2 eyes & lips

The new device is designed for microcurrent therapy, but unlike its predecessors, it delivers it more precisely. Bear 2 eyes & lips is aimed at combating the first signs of aging in the skin around the eyes and lips. What makes the new Bear 2 line different from previous ones? Gadgets combine several types of microcurrents:

  • Advanced Microcurrent – direct current for muscle stimulation;
  • Lifting Microcurrent – repeating current fluctuations that give a lifting effect;
  • Tapping Microcurrent – fast and short waves of current that pass through the upper layers of the skin to restore radiance and tone;
  • Sculpting Microcurrent works in deep layers, making facial contours clearer.
Gadget for the area around the eyes and lips Bear 2 eyes &  lips, Foreo

Gadget for the area around the eyes and lips Bear 2 eyes & lips, Foreo

The Bear 2 eyes & lips device carefully works with the delicate area around the eyes, smoothing out facial wrinkles, removing puffiness under the eyes and emphasizing the volume of the lips by improving microcirculation and blood circulation.

The dermatological laboratory Sesderma has a new brand Sophieskin

Sophieskin brand products are designed for young skin (from 18 to 35 years old). The brand’s specialists adhere to the principles of Dr. Gabriel Serrano Sanmiguel, creator of the Sesderma brand: the use of innovation and natural ingredients, as well as the application of a comprehensive approach to skin care. The idea to create a brand for young skin came to Dr. Serrano thanks to his daughter Sofia, and her name became the name of the brand.

Средства из Hydra Boost и Be Young, Sophieskin

Products like Hydra Boost and Be Young, Sophieskin

The brand produces three lines:

  • Oil Stop – for acne-prone skin. These included products based on niacinamide, lactoferrin, salicylic acid and tea tree oil, which fight inflammation, post-acne and post-inflammatory elements, while moisturizing the skin;
  • Hydra Boost – for daily moisturizing, as well as for caring for dehydrated skin. Products containing hyaluronic acid and ceramides eliminate dryness and a feeling of tightness, also fight dullness and strengthen the lipid layer;
  • Be Young – anti-aging care, the formulas of which include a water-soluble form of vitamin C, a retinol analogue and bioretinol. The products work to renew the epidermis and reduce facial wrinkles, protect against oxidative stress, brighten, moisturize, and increase skin elasticity and firmness.

Bisou complements the Aromacologie body care line

The Aromacologie collection of body care products, which, in addition to active ingredients, pays great attention to fragrances, has been replenished with new products. The brand presented the “Coconut – Tropical Resins” scrub based on mango butter with whipped sugar, which delicately cleanses the skin. The formula is supplemented with enzymes that gently dissolve impurities and excess sebum, vitamin E to increase skin elasticity, as well as tropical resins, which not only give the scrub a wound-healing effect, but also add a sensual amber aroma.

Body scrub “Coconut —  tropical resins

Body scrub “Coconut – tropical resins”, Aromacologie, Bisou

Skinjestique has released two new facial care products

The European brand can now find bio-cellulose face mask Perfect second skin bio-cellulose mask with moisturizing and anti-aging effect. It contains five types of hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights, betaine, several peptide complexes (including botulinum-like peptide and wild soybean peptide), as well as panthenol. These ingredients work on the natural synthesis of collagen and elastin, improve skin firmness and elasticity, and have a soothing and softening effect.

Day cream for radiance and youthfulness of facial skin Better than makeup cream, Skinjestique

Day cream for radiance and youthfulness of facial skin Better than makeup cream, Skinjestique

Second new item – day cream for radiance and youth of the face Better than makeup cream. The formula includes niacinamide, which accelerates regeneration processes, evens out skin tone and controls the functioning of the sebaceous glands; reishi and shiitake mushroom extracts to moisturize and reduce sensitivity; grape seed oil, which soothes, improves skin tone and elasticity. The composition also includes progelin (peptide), caffeine, vitamin E, riboxil, ceramides, green tea and a complex of phytosterols, which are aimed at combating sagging skin, wrinkles and puffiness.

Somelove has released a collection of products with refills for the face

The young European brand has developed a collection of several lines, the products of which can be replaced with refills after completion. The new collection includes:

  • Time to Glow serum for skin radiance. The formula is based on a stable form of vitamin C, which works on antioxidant protection, regeneration and increased skin elasticity;
  • serum for the eye area Not my Baggage with caffeine for swelling and signs of fatigue;
  • creams for active skin moisturizing No More Desert: The first one is light, and the second one is for super hydration.
Moisturizing cream No More Desert, Somelove

Moisturizing cream No More Desert, Somelove

Art & Fact launched a line of facial skin care products in sticks

The new line features:

  • moisturizing and mattifying cream to control pore size with malic acid and a prebiotic, which regulates sebum secretion without drying the skin;
  • moisturizing and toning facial tonic stick – due to hyaluronic acid, aloe vera extract and menthol, it increases blood circulation, thereby increasing skin tone and elasticity;
  • corrective serum for problem skin – includes salicylic acid and niacinamide, which help quickly relieve inflammation and regulate the functioning of the sebaceous glands.
Moisturizing and mattifying facial cream stick to control pore size with malic acid and prebiotic, Art &  Fact

Moisturizing and mattifying facial cream-stick to control pore size with malic acid and prebiotic, Art & Fact

“The peculiarity of the sticks is convenience and compactness,” comments Nadezhda Suetina, head of the product development department, commenting on the launch. — The to-go format is ideal for traveling, weekends out of town or for the gym, as the sticks can be easily put in your bag, they won’t take up much space and won’t spill. In addition, the stick format allows you to economically use the product during daily facial skin care.”

SmoRodina has released Microbiome micellar water

New Microbiome micellar water with lactobacilli lysates, natural moisturizing factor, inulin and lavender hydrolate gently cleanses, restores natural protection, refreshes, tones, moisturizes and soothes even sensitive skin.

Micellar water Microbiome, SmoRodina

Micellar water Microbiome, SmoRodina