Four out of ten young workers regret their career choice

Four out of ten young workers regret their career choice

If you could go back in time, would you make the same professional choices? A third of French people say no. Surprisingly many members of Generation Z say they are unhappy with their career choice, even though they are early in their working lives.

Four in ten young workers would change careers if the opportunity presented itself to them, according to a new survey by JobTeaser. But, unlike their elders, representatives of Generation Z do not see this disappointment as inevitable. More than a quarter of those surveyed have changed jobs since entering the job market, while 30% are actively looking for a new professional opportunity. And this, despite their relatively short experience and a rather uncertain job market.

To better understand the disillusionment of young professionals, it is important to look at the reasons that push them to want to change careers or companies. Unsurprisingly, remuneration is the main point of friction: 38% of Z respondents believe that their salary is too low. They also judge that they are subjected to too high levels of stress in their daily professional life and that they do not do sufficiently stimulating work, with too established a routine.

Generally speaking, members of Generation Z are critical of managerial culture. A quarter of them deplore a lack of alignment between the values ​​defended by their company and their personal convictions. 24% think that the culture of the company that employs them is not in line with their personality.

However, it would be wrong to think that new arrivals on the job market are eternally dissatisfied. They just have a different way of approaching work. There is no question for them of settling for a job in which they do not flourish on a personal and professional level. Young people dream of pursuing a profession in line with their values ​​(transparency, ethics, diversity, respect for the environment, etc.), their skills and their personality.

While members of Generation Z consider themselves underpaid, they are not desperate to make thousands and cents. Only 32% of young people surveyed say that their job should give them financial satisfaction. Proof that they are far from being mercenaries.

*This survey was conducted by JobTeaser, in partnership with Kantar, among a sample of 1,000 active French people aged 18 to 60.

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