Four steps to beautiful skin. Skin flooding is a rescue for the skin

Four steps to beautiful skin.  Skin flooding is a rescue for the skin

Skin flooding – remember this term. Knowledge of the method of “flooding the skin” – because this is the Polish name of this method of care – is useful for any type of skin, both dry and sensitive or oily. The trend promoted on Tik Tok consists of four steps, it is really simple and, what is important, effective.

Four steps to beautiful skin.  Skin flooding is a rescue for the skin

Dehydrated skin is not another type of skin, because any type of skin can be dehydrated and dry. Many factors affect its drying, from drinking too little fluid, through temperature, air humidity, sunbathing, to improper care.

Symptoms of dehydrated skin are quite characteristic – it loses elasticity, becomes tight, itchy and flaky. In such a situation, skin flooding can help.

Skin flooding conquers Tik Tok. What is this method all about?

The skin flooding method is about quick, intensive hydration of the skin by applying successive layers of nutrients on it. More vividly, the pores of the skin are “flooded” with moisturizing and nourishing cosmetics, and these, penetrating deep into the skin, moisturize it to the maximum.

In order for skin flooding to give results, it is necessary to choose the right cosmetics and use them in moderation, as well as in a specific order. Inappropriate cosmetics, used in the wrong way, can breach the skin’s protective barrier, making the effect counterproductive.

Skin flooding step by step. The next steps matter

In the skin flooding method, the right order of applying the products is very important, as well as the time between successive stages of the care routine, because the right distance allows the cosmetics to penetrate the skin and “work” in it. The second guiding principle is simple: apply the products from the lightest to the heaviest.

Step 1 – cleansing. The face skin is thoroughly cleansed of impurities, including make-up residues. Then dry it, but not completely – let it stay slightly damp.

Step 2 – moisturizing. At this stage, you need to balance the pH of the skin, moisturize it and prepare it for further care steps. The recommended cosmetic here is a mist, tonic or care essence containing moisturizing ingredients, primarily hyaluronic acid, but also aloe vera extract or rose water or thermal water.

Step 3 – serum. At this stage, depending on the degree of dehydration, we apply one or two layers of serum to the skin. Leave each layer for a few minutes to absorb. Finally, the face is sprayed with a care mist, which facilitates the penetration of nutrients into the skin.

Step 4 – cream. This is the last stage of care. In the morning version, we apply a cream with a filter to the skin, in the evening – a rich night cream.

Various cosmetics can be used for the skin flooding ritual, but those containing hyaluronic acid are especially recommended. Preparations with this ingredient should be applied to slightly damp skin, because then hyaluronic acid is best absorbed.