Sloth girl summer: when laziness dictates fashion and beauty trends

Sloth girl summer: when laziness dictates fashion and beauty trends

Back-to-school time has come, but summer is far from over. Evidenced by the latest fashion trend that has gone viral on social networks, the ‘sloth girl summer’, in other words ‘the summer of the lazy girl’. A micro-movement, which has nevertheless accumulated several million views on TikTok, and results in an effortless look taken to the extreme, between joggings, crumpled T-shirts and pajamas.

Is laziness getting ready to rain and shine in the fashion world? It was predicted, at the dawn of the new year, “the big lazy (was) the new beauty”, but this is translated today in an even more concrete way by a new fashion aesthetic: the ‘sloth girl summer ‘.

A response to “hot girl summer”

In response to the “hot girl summer”, which for several years has resulted in a deliberately provocative and rebellious attitude and outfits, this new trend is lazy in every way possible and imaginable. On TikTok, the favorite social network of younger generations, the dedicated hashtag already has more than five million views to date, and summer is not yet over.

This is again more of an attitude, or even a lifestyle, than a fashion or beauty trend strictly speaking. The watchword: no stress. It is not a question here of claiming this or that freedom, but of living lightly, and above all for oneself and not for others. According to the many videos circulating on TikTok, it is for example a question of enjoying a nap, or even a good nap, while ordinary mortals enjoy the sun at the beach, watching the eight seasons of a series when the party is in full swing, or to heat up everything you can have on hand because you’re lazy to concoct a real meal.

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An ode to sobriety

Contrary to what one might think, it is not a question of pointing the finger at those – and those – who have adopted the ‘sloth girl summer’, but of highlighting a state of mind that seems to have seduced many users on social networks. Especially since followers assume they spent a summer making decisions based on their own desires, regardless of the opinion – or life – of others. Although the “hot girl summer” or “rat girl summer” tendencies declare themselves to be opposites, they nevertheless come together on one important point: it is a question of encouraging women to fight against certain ideals of feminine beauty.

In fashion, this translates into a boom in basics, and a true ode to sobriety. The colors are neutral, the cuts often shapeless, and there are a large number of pieces from the sportswear wardrobe. It is finally a question of taking all that one has on hand to dress, and constitute an outfit more or less worked. Faded shorts, an oversized sweatshirt, pajamas, jogging pants, and comfortable shoes: this is the ideal outfit to adopt the ‘sloth girl summer’. An ephemeral trend that should gradually give way to much more elaborate looks in anticipation of the fall season.

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