French girl makeup: the trick is in simplicity

French girl makeup: the trick is in simplicity
French girl makeup: the trick is in simplicity

How does a French it girl wear makeup? Here are the steps of french makeup.

The coolest it girls are the French ones

Cheeky fringe, cardigan that reveals the shoulder of the bralette, cigarette trousers and cigarette in hand (even if we don’t recommend it): this is the look that nonchalantly, the main feature of French girls, has become the most symbol of coolness simple that there is, that of the French it girls. But it’s not just the outfit, and the Parisian attitude, that makes these girls an icon: their makeup too has participated in the creation of a very specific make-up imagery. Let’s find out together!

French girl makeup: glow base, red lipstick and black eyeliner

French makeup also owes its popularity to its simplicity of reproduction: its key points are a luminous base and glowing skin, a lipstick in the most traditional of reds and a pair of strictly black wing eyeliners. Everything is often combined, as we have said, with wavy bangs but, in general, these are the three essential elements for the success of a good French makeup.

The make-up steps not to be forgotten

  • the skin is sacred and must radiate light: take care of it with a daily skin care and prepare it for makeup with an illuminating primer.
  • eyeliner and mascara are the two key points of eye makeup: our gaze will thus be marked by a clear line, despite its simplicity. So get an eyeliner, pointed or with a brush, with a strong and long-lasting pigment on the eye!
  • arm yourself with a brush and patience: attention falls entirely on the red lipstick (warm or cold depending on your color season or your tastes), so it’s important that it is applied with precision.