From a smart speaker to a juicer: what to give to a technology lover

From a smart speaker to a juicer: what to give to a technology lover

“Smart” speaker “Yandex Station Duo Max with Alice”

Price: 42,990 rub.

The new flagship smart speaker from Yandex sports a large rotating Full HD touch screen with a camera with a wide viewing angle of 120 degrees (rotates vertically and horizontally). You can use it to watch movies, have video calls, view Alice’s answers, and control your home. The gadget also has powerful 60 W speakers and a subwoofer, which means your favorite music will sound spacious and clear. In addition, the device has an animated contour LED backlight, a built-in Zigbee control hub (directly interacts with sensors and other smart home devices), which can work even without the Internet and quickly responds to commands. “Alice” will find the necessary information on the Internet, order groceries, call a taxi, show the weather forecast, build a route to work, wake you up in the morning and remind you of an important meeting.

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Vinyl record player Lenco Ls-440

Price: 29,990 rub.

This player will be appreciated by fans of music and retro style. By the way, collecting vinyl records is one of the most popular hobbies. Lenco Ls-440 has four speakers (two 15 W and two 10 W), which provide balanced sound. The player is very easy to operate and has many functions. Just plug it into a power outlet and you can play a record. Instead of recording, you can play a playlist directly from your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth 5.0. There is a headphone jack. To prevent the records from deteriorating, an Audio-Technica magnetic cartridge was installed in the player. The gadget is equipped with a preamplifier and Pitch controllers to regulate the speed of playback of recordings and Tone to control the tone of the sound.

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Wine decanter BORK Z503

Price: 16,000 rub.

When serving wine, the correct temperature is important. The cordless compact decanter does everything you need: thanks to the built-in aeration system, it immediately purifies the air of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Due to the constant supply of oxygen, tannins are neutralized, revealing the taste and aroma of the wine. The decanter has simple controls. To set the optimal decanting time (from 30 seconds to 2.5 minutes), just rotate the flask.

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Styler Dyson Airwrap Complete Long HS05

Price: 79,990 rub.

The problem with most styling gadgets is that they generate a lot of heat during operation, resulting in dry and brittle hair. The Dyson Airwrap styler creates a uniform air flow, the temperature of which is constantly controlled and does not damage the hair. The Dyson V9 motor is digitally controlled and the 13-blade impeller spins at up to 110k rpm, creating two variants of the Coanda effect:

  • Attracts hair to the cylindrical attachment, curling it for the perfect curl without the need for curling clips or gloves;
  • To straighten hair, hair is attracted to the surface of the brush, where air passes along the strands, simulating the actions of a stylist during styling.

The set includes several convenient attachments that can be used to easily create a variety of hairstyles with voluminous or straight hair.

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Juicer Bugatti Vita 55-SVITAC3

Price: 26,990 rub.

This electric juicer will appeal to everyone who loves freshly squeezed juice. The futuristic gadget is easy to use due to its thoughtful design. The juicer body rotates 60 degrees, which allows you to pour juice directly into a glass, so even a child can handle it without spilling a drop. In addition, just touch the cone and the motor will start quietly at a speed of 90-95 rpm.

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