From jewelry with meaning to a bamboo silk carpet: what to give for March 8

From jewelry with meaning to a bamboo silk carpet: what to give for March 8

Fashionable things of the season

Fashionable accessories are a surefire option if you know the taste of the person you want to please with a gift. A Le Silla bag made of denim, a Fornasetti cane umbrella with a graphic print or Bottega Veneta sunglasses with green frames – all this will definitely be appreciated by girls who follow fashion trends. Those who love gifts with meaning will love Guess bracelets with heart-shaped details, shimmering crystals and a touching engraving that reads “Mom I love you.”

If you know the exact size, then you can consider shoes, clothes and even underwear as a gift. Love Heel Black shoes from Yume Yume with a massive heel in the shape of a heart or rxbshoes pumps made of Italian suede with real fur inside, a 12STOREEZ dress made of soft thin taffeta with a barely noticeable shine or an asymmetrical long vest Addicted_To will definitely come in handy for bright, distinctly feminine and fashionable spring looks .

For home comfort

Linen Sky robe made from softened Linen Sky linen or Carine Gilson made from silk satin, Missoni slippers made from pleasant terry textiles or rxbshoes mules made from pink silk – such gifts will definitely be appreciated by those who are always on top even at home. The Dyson Air Purifier TP03 air purifier will help create the right atmosphere – its filter captures even the smallest dust particles and neutralizes unpleasant odors. And the aroma box for TV series lovers, which was released by the Movix video service and the Fragrance Library, is responsible for the pleasant smells. The collection has two scents: the diffuser “Anticipation of a new episode of your favorite series” and the candle “The morning after “one more episode and sleep”.”

What is March 8th without bouquets? The Murana vase from the Italian brand Venini can be used to arrange them in an original way at home – it is made of glass and refers to Venetian masks. Or the “Bark” vase from the Gusevsky Crystal Factory named after. Maltsov rich red color. After the holiday, you definitely won’t want to put both vases away – pretending to be art vows, they will decorate any interior.

For beauty-holics

One of the best gifts is a show of caring. Its embodiment can be the Beauty Dream 2.0 pillow from Askona, made of high-quality memory foam, anatomically shaped with a head fixation area and recesses for the shoulders and face. It’s interesting that the pillow was tested and approved by cosmetologists – they promise that regular sleep on it…