Study reveals the nicknames most given to grandmothers

Study reveals the nicknames most given to grandmothers

On the occasion of Grandmother’s Day, the company OpinionWay carried out a survey for the “Café Grand’Mère” brand. This study shares the nicknames most used to call your grandmother. We share the ranking with you!

This year, we celebrate our grandmothers on March 3. Did you know that Grandmothers’ Day was initiated by the Café Grand’Mère brand? To find out more about the traditions around this celebration, the brand carried out a study in partnership with Opinion Way. We learn, among other things, what nicknames are given to our grandmothers. Please note that around 20% of French people have opted for an original nickname…

What are the French habits for Grandmother’s Day?

Among those questioned, 53% would pay special attention to their grandmother on this occasion. The most common gestures are making a call (26%), sharing a moment together (21%) and giving a gift (21%).

And what do grandmothers think? 72% of them want their grandchildren to pay them special attention on this special day. Furthermore, their favorite actions are moments of sharing at 43%, telephone calls at 34% and gifts at 17%.

What are the most common nicknames?

The study also reveals the affectionate little names given to grandmothers. The results show a clear preference for classic nicknames like “Mamie” (58%) or “Mémé” (28%). However, we notice rarer names such as “Granny”, “Mom” or “Mommy”.

Discover the top 15 pet names used by the French:

  1. Mamie : 58%
  2. Grandma: 28%
  3. Grandmother: 11%
  4. Mémère: 4%
  5. Nona : 2 %
  6. Mamoune: 2%
  7. Mimi : 1%
  8. Mom’s : 1%
  9. Mom : 1%
  10. Granny : 1%
  11. Meter : 1%
  12. Mom: 1%
  13. Manou : 1%
  14. Good mother: 1%
  15. Mother : 1%