From officecore to layering: the main fashion trends in the Club collection

From officecore to layering: the main fashion trends in the Club collection


The compromise style—officecore—is good not only for the office. Formal and moderately strict, it is perfect for everyday life, because it consists of elegant and impeccably tailored basics. The list of must-haves includes classic trousers and fitted jackets, dresses and blouses made of flowing silk. One of the hits of the Club women’s collection is a three-piece suit in the trendy barbicore style. This is definitely one that can go anywhere, from the office to your best friend’s wedding. And since officecore is an adaptation of business style, relaxations are possible. So, the suit can be complemented with either stiletto heels or comfortable white sneakers.

Cozy knitwear

Practical, cozy and functional knitwear is one of the main characters of autumn-winter trends. In addition, it is an easy solution to the daily question: “What to wear today?” Thus, in the Craft Nature women’s capsule you can find many options, since the central place in it is occupied by knitwear made of wool and cotton – pullovers, cardigans, sweaters and turtlenecks. There are a wide variety of colors, so choosing an item will not be difficult. There is no less knitwear in the men’s line – from laconic turtlenecks to sweaters with retro patterns.


Denim is literally indispensable this season. For women, in Club’s interpretation, one of the main materials of the season is not only fashionable and practical, but also very feminine and romantic: jeans, shirts and skirts are decorated with subtle patterns of shining crystals. Denim models are complemented by cotton T-shirts with ironic prints: a merry goose and a cute puppy in a royal crown. It is enough to add such a T-shirt to your wardrobe to cheer up not only yourself, but also those around you.

Technological materials

The life of a modern man involves a busy schedule and many changing scenarios, in which there is a place for work, hobbies, and travel. That is why clothing suitable for all occasions and made from practical materials comes to the fore. Thus, the Club collection features universal trouser suits, shirts, knitwear, and outerwear made of comfortable and technologically advanced materials, adapted to any situation and weather changes. For example, in outerwear, materials with a water-repellent coating are responsible for protection from rain.


This stylistic technique allows you to create not only warm, but also complex images. The main rule is to mix tight-fitting and loose items, and also rely on various (and even opposite) textures. So, in the men’s collection, you should take a closer look at insulated checkered shirts, wool vests and cozy pullovers – with these models, even beginners will easily master the techniques of layering.

In the women’s collection, we recommend paying attention to the iridescent pleated skirt with Club’s signature print – a flying goose (the design was created by German illustrator Olaf Hayek). She is a real flight of stylistic fantasy. The most daring looks can be created if you add textured knitwear to it, and for outerwear – a richly colored fur coat.