From Zielinski & Rozen fragrance to Vichy lifting cream: beauty news of the week

From Zielinski & Rozen fragrance to Vichy lifting cream: beauty news of the week

Encore Fitness launched a futuristic advertising campaign

The new mini-film from the Encore Fitness chain presents a synthesis of future technologies and fitness aesthetics. “The future is here, and this is Encore Fitness” is the motto of the new campaign, which combines visual effects, an original soundtrack and modern dance. The plot of the video is related to the question that worries everyone: can artificial intelligence replace humans? The director was Alexey Karpov, and the stage director was Alexander Tronov, participant and choreographer of the “Dancing” show on TNT, director and actor.

Comfort Zone and Zen presented a joint boxing

The European platform Zen and the Italian brand Comfort Zone decided to team up to release a winter skin care guide and a specialized box. The set includes products from the skin regimen line:

  • cleansing cream that is suitable for any skin type;
  • booster with three types of hyaluronic acid;
  • light cream based on tripeptides, dandelion extract and superfoods, designed for skin with wrinkles, signs of stress and fatigue;
  • gua sha massager, mirror and cotton cosmetic bag.
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The Italian brand Camomilla Blu appeared in Europe

Camomilla Blu specializes in dermatological cosmetics for sensitive and problematic skin. The main component of the formulas is chamomile grown by the brand’s specialists. Bioliquefazione’s patented steam distillation method allows you to maintain a high concentration of beneficial properties of essential oil, hydrolate and chamomile extract, which have a calming effect, stimulate tissue regeneration, reduce inflammation and irritation.

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South Korean beauty box delivery service 82Box has made a set for men

The 82Box service, loved by fans of Korean skin care products, decided to create a separate box for men. The set included:

  • Groyella shampoo with the patented EMortalPEP formula to strengthen hair roots;
  • face cream with ceramides from BRTC, which softens and moisturizes skin suffering from daily shaving;
  • gel for washing with azulene from Sur.Medic+;
  • Manyo enzyme peeling roller;
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  • Essenherb shower gel with acids and tea tree for dry skin and skin with rashes;
  • serum, toner and essence in one bottle from BRTC to nourish the skin;
  • washcloth.

Zielinski & Rozen presented a new fragrance

The Tel Aviv brand has added a new addition to its assortment: the light and sweet everyday unisex fragrance Neroli, Patchouli, Honey, Amber. It will appeal to adventurous people. “These people love to dive into the unknown,” says perfumer and brand founder Erez Rosen. “Their lifestyle and character often seem eclectic and colorful to others, because they are from a galaxy of active people who do not know the barriers and limits of the possible.” The fragrance is available in perfume formats (50 and 10 ml), as well as bar soap.

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Vilhelm Parfumerie has released a limited set of Herlequin fragrances in travel format

In Molecule stores you can find a bright perfumed Herlequin set, which is inspired by Venetian squares and carnivals, where the dreamy Pierrot, the loving Columbine and the mischievous Harlequin in a jester’s cap, whose costume became the inspiration for the packaging design, walk. Inside are three hits in travel format (10 ml): gentle Do Not Disturb, sensual Body Paint and passionate The Oud Affair.

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Bisou has developed a new line to combat dandruff, dryness and hair loss (Tricho Solutions)

The new line was created to restore and maintain the natural microflora of the scalp, as well as combat hair loss and stimulate hair growth in both women and men. To date, the line includes three products.

  • Shampoo against dandruff and dryness based on salicylic acid (cleanses impurities, sebum, dandruff), zinc (stimulates the synthesis of collagen and keratin, eliminates irritation and itching) and prebiotics (restores healthy microflora of the scalp).
  • Hair conditioner infuses hair with moisture, leaving it soft, smooth and manageable. The components included make it easier to comb and style, add shine, and the prebiotic controls the health of the microflora.
  • A peptide scalp toner that strengthens hair follicles, restarts the growth cycle and curbs hair loss.
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The new European brand FANE Beauty has released professional hair coloring and care products

The brand appeared thanks to the work of chemist scientists and technologists from the Skolkovo laboratory, as well as marketers and other experts. The debut collection of Fane Beauty consists of two Fane bleaching powders, five universal Fane activator creams and Fane Chroma Shield products for preserving the color of colored hair – it includes a care shampoo, a cream conditioner, a gloss mask, a color protection stabilizer and a barrier gel to protect the scalp during coloring.

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“Apivita” presented a line of hair products “Keratin restoration”

The Greek brand continues to actively use natural ingredients. The new Keratin Recovery line includes shampoo, conditioner and masks for dry and damaged hair. Contains:

  • honey extract, which nourishes, strengthens and significantly reduces hair fragility;
  • plant keratin, which repairs damaged and split ends, and also reduces hair frizz;
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  • algae extract, which moisturizes hair and restores its natural shine, prevents brittleness, frizz and split ends;
  • Apishield HS is an exclusive natural complex of the brand that strengthens hair and protects the scalp from negative factors;
  • rosemary infusion – this natural antioxidant gives hair tone and rejuvenates it.

Vichy has supplemented the Neovadiol line with a daytime lifting face cream with SPF50 against pigmentation during menopause

Specialists from the French brand Vichy have been studying the problems of menopause and its impact on the skin for 20 years. With the onset of menopause, the production of estrogen and progesterone decreases and the condition of the skin worsens: the face loses volume, ptosis develops, tone decreases, and the protective barrier is broken. To combat these problems, the Neovadiol line of products was developed.

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This year, the line includes a new product – Neovadiol SPF50 day lifting face cream against pigmentation during menopause. It contains:

  • proxilan and cassia extract, which stimulate collagen synthesis;
  • omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 to restore lipid levels in the skin;
  • hyaluronic acid for hydration;
  • pearlescent pigment to increase skin radiance;
  • niacinamide, which reduces the appearance of age spots;
  • broad-spectrum sunscreen filters SPF 50.