Giorgia Gabriele, ex-girlfriend Gianluca Vacchi

Giorgia Gabriele, ex-girlfriend Gianluca Vacchi

The girlfriend of Gianluca Vacchi, Giorgia Gabriele is the perfect shoulder to break into social media and the only love of Gianluca. Let's find out who he is

Only a few of them did not know Gianluca Vacchi: he filled all the social networks, from Facebook to Instagram with his tattoos, his ballets and his "enjoy" as a hymn to the enjoyable life and unbridled luxury. Partner of every so many of her shots she has been for a long time a beautiful girl with breathtaking shapes, brunette and almost always in a bikini: Giorgia Gabriele, a companion of selfie, life and girlfriend of the entrepreneur from the heritage to six zeroes.

Giorgia Gabriele was born December 27, 1985 and is originally from Sora, in the province of Frosinone: showgirl and aspiring tissue (winner of the 57th installment of the program in 2008) is a normal girl, a student of business administration and banking with management address. Giorgia is nicknamed by Gianluca "Lady Enjoy" because she accompanies him on all trips, surrounded by unbridled luxury with very expensive yachts and exclusive parties, all in the name of his personal hashtag #gvstyle, which has become a trend-topic on social networks and a real and lifestyle.

Gianluca and Giorgia Gabriele have loved each other for almost three years: or at least, so it seems from the videos, tripudi of love, sensuality, kisses and some ballet turned viral to the sound of reggaeton and romantic music. He even dedicated a sweet tattoo on the palm of his hand that reads "Ti amo mia", immediately posted on Instagram with a poet's caption of other times: "So caresses have a different weight".

Among the former fees a series of VIPs, Davide Lippi and Bobo Vieri (dear friend of the entrepreneur) are rumored for her, for him Aida Yespica and Jennifer Lopez. After the farewell to Vacchi, Giorgia Gabriele launched her first fashion line presented during Milan Fashion Week 2017 and declared herself proudly single. But a new love has appeared on the horizon in November 2017, and it seems to be the former of Belen Stefano De Martino.

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