​​Half of singles use this social network to find love

​​Half of singles use this social network to find love

Are you looking for love? According to a study conducted by the media StudyFinds, many singles meet via a particular social network. And it’s not the one you’re thinking of.

Are all means good for finding love? After chance encounters, friends of friends and dating apps, today there is a surprising place where singles would also meet: social networks, and not just any social networks. According to the media StudyFindsa professional network in particular would regularly be “hijacked” for this purpose.

LinkedIn, a professional network used as a dating site

So it would be Linkedin. The professional site dedicated to networking would not only be used to find your next position, but also your next partner, as revealed by a survey commissioned by DatingNews.com. Conducted on more than 500 singles aged 20 to 40, this revealed that 52% of them would use this famous networking site as a dating site. 61% of those questioned would have even obtained an appointment this way.

According to StudyFinds, this suggests a trend toward online networking for dating, perhaps influenced by the rise of remote working lifestyles, “mixing work and love in unexpected ways”. An attitude which blurs the lines, the platform not being initially intended for this. Makes you wonder if the next invitation received online will be an opportunity to talk about skills, or just to talk.

Bars remain the ideal places to meet people

If you’re single and don’t know anything about LinkedIn, don’t worry. The other information from this survey remains that the usual places conducive to meetings remain perfectly in the race. Thus, almost 40% of singles meet partners in public places, such as bars.

“Traditional social venues like bars remain popular, especially with younger people. Various age groups show unique dating preferences, with older people favoring structured setups like blind dates,” confides Khaya Caine, professional dating coach interviewed by StudyFinds.

LinkedIn simply adds a new string to your bow… From Cupid.