It works like a laser on the face. You don’t have to buy it, you can make this ointment yourself at home

It works like a laser on the face.  You don't have to buy it, you can make this ointment yourself at home

Nature hides many possibilities that can be used in skin care. Only two ingredients are needed to prepare this facial ointment. You definitely have one at home. You will be surprised to see the effects of this ointment on your face.

It works like a laser on the face.  You don't have to buy it, you can make this ointment yourself at home

Is bay leaf good for the skin?

You can buy this ointment in drugstores, but you can also… make it yourself! You don’t have to be an experienced chemist, cosmetologist or scientist to prepare this product yourself. Just combine two beneficial ingredients. One of them is bay leaf oil and the other is shea butter. How does bay leaf ointment work? How to prepare it?

How does bay leaf work on the skin?

You may know bay leaves well from cooking, but they also work well in traditional medicine. They were used, among others, for: swelling and contusions. It has been noticed that bay leaf ointment also helps with skin problems, such as skin imperfections: discoloration, pimples, acne. It can also be helpful when you notice the first wrinkles. Firms the skin like a lifting.

By using bay leaf ointment on your face, you will get firm, elastic and properly taut skin. Wrinkles will become shallower and less visible.

Bay leaves – care properties, ingredients

The beneficial effect of bay leaves on the skin is due to the valuable ingredients found in bay leaves. These include:

  • vit. A, B vitamins, vit. C,
  • minerals such as zinc, copper, potassium, selenium, magnesium, manganese, iron, calcium,
  • as well as isoquinoline alkaloids, tannins, flavonoids, resins, bitters, pectins, lignans.
  • This includes: thanks to them, bay leaves have antibacterial and antifungal, disinfecting and antiseptic properties.

After brewing bay leaves, you can add the resulting infusion to your bath, wash your skin with it, or use it in compresses. This will alleviate inflammation, as well as irritations, impurities and other skin changes.

How to prepare bay leaf ointment and mask?

The ingredients needed to make your own bay leaf ointment are shea butter and natural bay leaf oil. Shea butter must be dissolved in a water bath and, after cooling, mixed with laurel oil in equal proportions. The prepared product can be applied to the skin. Before you decide on expensive treatments, such as laser treatment of acne, check whether bay ointment will allow you to effectively deal with skin imperfections.

Bay leaves can also be used to make a lifting mask. For 8 leaves you need 2 tablespoons of oatmeal and 100 ml of olive oil. You will notice the reduction of wrinkles after just one treatment, but for best results, use regularly. It is recommended to perform an allergy test on a small and unexposed part of the skin before use.