Healthy sleep trend: choosing weighted blankets

Healthy sleep trend: choosing weighted blankets

Weighted blankets were first created for medical purposes. Following research that pressure can reduce anxiety and insomnia, these blankets are recommended for children with autism. However, soon adults also liked this simple sleep device – especially those who work a lot or experience constant stress.

A weighted blanket applies even pressure across the entire body—it can feel like you’re being gently but tightly hugged. This helps you feel safe, and therefore, helps you relax and fall asleep faster. There is even a special term, deep pressure therapy – a method of therapy using pressure, such as swaddling or massage. Sleeping under a weighted blanket can also be considered a similar effect.

Buyers in reviews note that under a weighted blanket they began to toss and turn much less and sleep more soundly. According to many, such blankets really improve the quality of sleep.

Combining a heavy blanket with popular relaxation techniques is also a good idea for improving sleep. You can achieve quality sleep if the room is cool and dark. You should also limit the use of gadgets with glowing screens.

However, when purchasing weighted models, you need to keep in mind that they are not suitable for everyone. Manufacturers of weighted blankets usually indicate in the accompanying documents or on the website that such items are contraindicated for people with bronchial asthma or other respiratory diseases. For those who suffer from bouts of claustrophobia, a heavy blanket is also not suitable. Also, you should not cover a small child with it without a doctor’s prescription – it is important that the child can control his movements and does not experience stress at night.

If you have any health concerns, you should consult your doctor before purchasing a weighted blanket.

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If you decide that you need a weighted blanket, pay attention to its weight, size, material and seasonality. Typically, such blankets weigh 2–12 kg, although there are models weighing 15 kg or more. Manufacturers recommend using a blanket weighing approximately 10% of the weight of the person who will sleep under it. A person weighing 80 kg should pay attention to a blanket weighing 8–9 kg, no more.

It is also recommended to buy separate accessories for couples – the effect will be better than when sleeping under one blanket.

In some cases, the weight can be adjusted independently thanks to special pockets where you can add weights. But not all models have this option – most manufacturers sew blankets with one weight to simplify the design and reduce their cost. Weighting materials vary greatly. For example, these could be miniature glass beads, polymer granules, or natural materials like buckwheat husks or Himalayan salt. The choice of weighting material is a matter of taste, although there are nuances associated with care and washing.

The seasonality of the blanket depends on the material from which the top is made, as well as the presence of internal insulation. All-season options are suitable for most, but there are thin summer blankets, as well as special winter models.

The size chart for most heavy blankets does not differ from the standard one. Such an accessory can be single, one-and-a-half, “euro-size” or a regular double.

But choosing a duvet cover can be difficult. The standard ones are suitable, but according to customer reviews, a heavy blanket can become crumpled in them. There are special covers and duvet covers with fixation inside, but they are usually expensive.

We have selected several successful models of weighted blankets with a large selection of sizes.

Wellina Gravity

A popular all-season model that uses miniature glass balls as a weighting agent. There is a choice of colors (from mint to dark gray) and sizes, and a high-quality bag is included – the blanket is convenient to transport in the car if you have a trip to the country or on a visit. The granules are small and practically not felt, the tailoring is of high quality, and the fabric is pleasant. There are also loops for attaching a duvet cover.

However, this model is not suitable for very cold rooms – the blanket is thin and not warm enough. If there is not enough warmth, you can purchase an additional cover or cover yourself with another, regular blanket.


“Hug Comfort”

This is a warm weighted blanket that is suitable for the winter and spring seasons. But in the summer it can be uncomfortable to sleep under. The blanket itself is made of cotton, inside there are glass balls and a thick layer of holofiber. The choice of sizes is large. The model is rarely found on popular marketplaces; it is usually ordered on the official website.



The heavy blankets of this brand are made of linen fabric, pleasant to the touch. Glass granules are used as filler – this material does not rustle at night, distributes pressure well throughout the body and does not cause allergies. There are ties for attaching duvet covers. Drömky produces them in a variety of colors.


“Embrace of the Himalayas”

This option is not suitable for everyone. But it’s worth taking a closer look at if you like everything natural and don’t trust traditional weighting agents like glass beads. Inside this blanket is Himalayan salt, which is commonly used in alternative medicine to treat respiratory problems. However, the real benefits of this substance have not yet been proven by official medicine, and besides, Himalayan salt inside a blanket cannot work as it does in halotherapy. Therefore, it should be treated as an ordinary weighting agent, simply created by nature, and not by man. The blanket has zippered pockets – the salt packets can be removed before washing or to reduce the weight a little.