OAT-Zempic: the oat-based drink for weight loss is a hit on TikTok. Our expert’s opinion

OAT-Zempic: the oat-based drink for weight loss is a hit on TikTok.  Our expert's opinion

On TikTok, users advocate the benefits of an oat-based drink, which could help you lose weight. What is it really? Explanations from Raphaël Gruman, dietitian nutritionist.

Drinking an oat-based drink is the new trend touted by TikTok for weight loss. According to different users, it is a natural way to shed a few pounds. They even see it as a way to naturally compete with the weight loss caused by Ozempic, the antidiabetic weight loss drug, naming their cocktail Oat-Zempic (“oat” being the translation of oats).

A drink made from oats, water, cinnamon and lime

On TikTok, fans of this drink reveal their recipe. It is a mixture of oats, water, cinnamon and lime.

@fred_ddy92 Day 14 on the OAT-zempic even tho im currently at 234 i am still maintaining kind of sort of lol ##chorroking💩👑##chorrocheckfr##fypシツ##fyp##fypシ゚viral##chorrokingapproved##fasting ♬ original sound – TheChorroKing💩👑

By adopting this drink, they explain that they also abstain from eating their meals, replacing them with small snacks when hungry.

“Half a cup of oatmeal is plenty of fiber and a little water to help them feel full” indicates Dr. Patel, interviewed by the Daily Mail. “Which can lead to a calorie deficit, which is why people lose weight“.

On the other hand, “those who lose weight following this trend are “creating a false equivalence” between this oatmeal shake and the weight loss drug Ozempic” adds the doctor.

A way to “fill your stomach” for Raphael Gruman

Questioned about this practice, dietitian-nutritionist Raphaël Gruman does not approve of it. “This is not the right attitude to adopt to lose weight.” He pursues :

It is true that oats contain fiber and a strong satiating power and that cinnamon is a spice that helps regulate blood sugar levels. But people who replace their meals with this drink will artificially fill their stomachs, without quality nutritional intake elsewhere..

Watch out for muscle wasting!

Even when replacing their meals with snacks, fans of this recipe will lose weight, which will be due to muscle wasting. “By opting for snacks and no longer balanced meals, we are neglecting our protein intake, which is usually consumed during real meals. warns Raphaël Gruman. “As a result, weight loss is very likely, but it will be caused by muscle wasting.”.

The dietitian-nutritionist therefore does not recommend opting for this drink to lose a few kilos. “On the other hand, it is possible to take it as a snack, in case of cravings for example, while waiting for the next meal. he concludes.

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