Here are 10 red flags that should alert you in the first 6 months of a relationship

Here are 10 red flags that should alert you in the first 6 months of a relationship

Have you been seeing your partner for six months but you are starting to doubt your relationship? Here are ten signs that it needs to be stopped, with psychologist Siyana Mincheva.

In a romantic relationship, the first days and weeks allow you to discover the other person. After six months, the relationship is well established, it is important to ask the right questions in order to continue it or put an end to it. How to do ? Red flags can help us. These are telltale signs that should not be overlooked. “They can help us know if we are in a healthy relationship or is it likely to be complicated or toxic” estimates Siyana Mincheva. Here are ten.

My partner doesn’t really know what he wants

If after six months of relationship, the person doesn’t really know what they want, it’s a red flag, according to Siyana Mincheva. “When you notice that your partner declares his feelings one day, then reconsiders what he said the next day or if he suggests an evening that he ends up canceling: this should alert you” she explains.

My partner has changed

Initially very romantic, your partner ended up changing and adopting an attitude that no longer has anything to do with your beginnings? “This is another signal not to be ignored, the relationship may be taking a toxic turn.” estimates the specialist.

My partner uses humor to put me down

Laughter is a way to build a bond with your partner. “But if he uses humor that hurts you or demeans you, this should alert you, because it is a sign of future difficulties within the couple” says our expert.

Nothing is simple with my partner

Living as a couple should be easy, without any hassle. “If being in a relationship causes you more problems, because your partner has a complicated life, you have to run away! Although often, he or she has a ‘good excuse’. Because ultimately, this person will end up dragging you into their problems” added Siyana Mincheva.

My partner makes me feel guilty

If you don’t do this for me it’s because you don’t love me“: be careful of these types of sentences that make you feel guilty.”As a couple, you are not supposed to be each other’s therapist if the other is constantly calling for help, then there is a problem, it is truly a toxic relationship that needs to be addressed. end” according to the psychologist.

His behavior changes, depending on whether you are in public or private

This attitude typically refers to that of a manipulator, who changes his face depending on the situation.

My partner tries to avoid any discussion or never questions himself

If you find yourself with a person who avoids serious discussions or who never questions themselves, this is a negative sign for the future of the relationship. “Usually this goes hand in hand with someone being obnoxious, talking bad about all their exes.” added Siyana Mincheva. “We also often find an inconsistency between his words and his actions..

My partner has addictions

Whether it’s alcohol, cannabis, tobacco or any other drug: a person with an addiction is something worrying for the future of the relationship. believes the expert.

My partner is unfaithful

When there is one or more infidelities, the relationship is broken.” explains the psychologist. “It is necessary to put an end to it because in the deceived person, it creates wounds of abandonment, betrayal and injustice.”

My partner lies to me or is abusive

Lying is akin to psychological abuse.”your partner makes you doubt reality, this is a sign that you should end the relationship, because the person is not reliable or trustworthy” indicates the specialist. Same thing with an abusive partner. “If your partner uses an obnoxious tone, insults you, criticizes you whether it is about your appearance or your intelligence: run away.” she advises, reminding us that we must always listen to our feelings. “Generally speaking, if the person no longer suits us, we must end the relationship.” she concludes.