New Year: these “bad solutions” when you’ve been drinking

New Year: these “bad solutions” when you’ve been drinking

Driving slowly, drinking water or sucking a mint candy… So many “bad solutions” considered again this year by more than seven out of ten French people (71%) to return home by road after drinking the New Year’s Eve, Road Prevention warned on Thursday.

Sleeping there is by far the best solution, as long as you get a real night’s sleep.“complete, insisted the general delegate of the association, Anne Lavaud, at a press conference.

“GoodReturn”, the new awareness campaign for Road Safety

Road Prevention, whose mission is to reduce the number and severity of traffic accidents, presented the 14th edition of its “BienRentre” awareness campaign for New Year’s Eve 2024.

Scoop: taking the back roads has never lowered blood alcohol levels“, said Anne Lavaud ironically.

Another unsuitable solution: limiting alcohol consumption. “The French do not know how to estimate their consumption (…) the doses of official alcohol served in bars and restaurants have absolutely nothing to do with the doses served at home.

The barometer “The French, New Year’s Eve and drunk driving” has changed little, compared to those of previous years.

The average consumption in terms of number of glasses that those surveyed plan to drink on New Year’s Eve has decreased slightly, from 3.5 in 2022 to 3.3 in 2023.Developments are weak“, recognizes Ms. Lavaud.

In France, the legal blood alcohol level for people with a driving license (outside the probationary period) is 0.5 g/l of blood. On average, it drops by 0.1 g/l of blood per hour, according to the government Road Safety website.

The association, which primarily recommends sleeping on site before hitting the road again, also recommends appointing an “evening captain” (who does not drink and will accompany drinkers), testing your blood alcohol level with a breathalyzer or even returning by public transport.

Drunk driving represents 30% of road deaths in 2023. 71% of these deaths occur at night.

The return of New Year’s Eve is dangerous“, asserts the president of Road Prevention Patrick Dixneuf, calling for the risk to be anticipated.

On average, over the last five years (excluding Covid period), “18 people died on the roads during the New Year weekend“, according to the National Interministerial Road Safety Observatory.