Here is the best spread according to 60 million consumers!

Here is the best spread according to 60 million consumers!

An essential product for gourmands, more than 300,000 jars of spreads are consumed every day by the French. The magazine 60 million consumers compared 6 and distinguished the best!

Several selection criteria

Is buying vending products good for your health? Is the best spread really the one that is currently the market leader? In order to answer consumers’ questions, the magazine studies the proportion of main ingredients in different recipes.

First of all, the magazine observed the share of sugar in these products. It is also the most present ingredient in recipes, with a share greater than 50%, whatever the spread! The magazine’s editors declare: “Basically, we spread the children with a good sugar paste“.

In second place on the list of the most present ingredients, we find oil. Rapeseed and palm oils are among the most used even though their harmful impacts on the environment and health are well known!

The last ingredient determining the selection of the best spread is the proportion of hazelnuts. The larger the quantity, the better the association judges the spread to be. Only two spreads then rival the famous leading brand in terms of quantity of hazelnuts: E. Leclerc €co+ and Choco Nussa from Lidl with 13% hazelnuts and 7% cocoa and for low cost, according to the magazine.

The latter also notes that the proportion of hazelnuts in spreads from other brands is extremely low (around 2%). On the other hand, the product Choco Nussa from Lidl certifies thanks to the Rainforest Alliance label that its chocolate is produced using sustainable methods. The organization behind this label also fights against deforestation and supports the fight to end child labor on cocoa plantations.

NO to diets, YES to WW!

The choice of 60 million consumers

Thus, according to 60 million consumers, the best value for money is the Choco Nussa product from Lidl. Indeed, it has a large amount of hazelnuts and cocoa compared to other brands. On the other hand, its price is very attractive, costing only €1.85 for 400g.