How to slim your legs: the right exercises to do at home

How to slim your legs: the right exercises to do at home

How to deflate your legs: 5 basic tips

For hormonal and metabolic issues, those pads that we have on the hips, buttocks and thighs are functional for storing ingested fats, fats that can be disposed of with difficulty.

As you already know, this is an area that beyond the constitution of each, should be kept under control with a special diet. Avoid cold cuts (which contain salt), fried and very greasy dishes. Limit the starchy foods and vary your diet by playing on vegetables and fruit, helping you with exercise. To complete the picture, choose draining creams and massages.

Any suggestions:
-alternate cold and hot shower: the change in temperature helps circulation;
-creme: based on caffeine or guarana, refreshing and thermal effect. Evaluate the one that suits your case;
– drainage: it is a technique that stimulates the lymph through manual pressures that combat heaviness.
Swimming is the best sport to avoid trauma to the back thanks to the absence of gravity. But it is not the only one: jogging shapes your legs if done with method and systematicness like dance.

However, avoid doing exercises that involve increasing muscle mass, prefer stretching, pilates and walking.

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