How to stay in shape as you age? The scientists’ response

How to stay in shape as you age?  The scientists' response

It’s a fear that almost all of us have: gaining weight as we age. To avoid extra pounds on the scale, American scientists tried to determine the best way to eat. Here is their advice.

With age, we become more concerned about our health. Fear of the onset of a chronic pathology, of gaining weight… How can you balance your plate as best as possible and avoid excess pounds? Here is the response from American researchers.

Faster weight gain when eating more carbohydrates

For this study, led by Professor Binkai Liu, lead author, and his colleagues at Harvard University, the diet and weight of 123,332 healthy adults was analyzed from 1986 to 2018. Each of the participants had provided information on diet and weight every four years. The researchers assessed participants’ diets based on their adherence to five diets with varying levels of low-carbohydrate content.

Results: Participants who consumed the least carbohydrates saw their weight increase less quickly over time, unlike those who consumed regular and/or large quantities of carbohydrates. An observation that is all the more participants who are younger (<55 years), overweight or obese, and/or less physically active“.

More protein, fewer carbs

Beyond the health benefits of reducing carbohydrates, this study demonstrates that this reduction makes it possible to maintain weight in the long term. For scientists, a low consumption of carbohydrates as well as a diet rich in proteins, vegetable fats and healthy carbohydrates such as whole grains would be associated with slower weight gain over time.

On the contrary, “Diets high in animal-based proteins and fats or refined carbohydrates were associated with faster long-term weight gain” concludes Professor Binkai Liu, main author of the study.