Smoothes wrinkles and tightens the skin. Homemade face masks are a hit, but remember one thing

Smoothes wrinkles and tightens the skin.  Homemade face masks are a hit, but remember one thing

Rach-chach and after wrinkles? Maybe not entirely, but in fact, even at the last minute, before an important meeting, you can give your face some shine. Tiktokers have tested it on themselves and it works, but remember that it works mainly on relatively young skin and the effect is very fleeting. Either way – it’s worth a try.

Smoothes wrinkles and tightens the skin.  Homemade face masks are a hit, but remember one thing

A classic mask, without strong active substances, works primarily on the outer layers of the skin. It will therefore mask minor imperfections, but will not change the age of the skin and will not provide a lasting effect. It’s a bit like makeup. The effect also depends on the age of the skin, its elasticity and the ability to absorb substances from the cosmetic. You can expect one thing from a 40-year-old woman and another from her grandmother. What can a linseed mask that you apply for just fifteen minutes do?

Can wrinkles be completely removed?

The formation of wrinkles is a natural and inevitable process. They are a symptom of the physiological aging process of the skin. We have some influence on the pace of this process – proper diet, hydration of the body, use of appropriate cosmetics, oxygenation of the body (physical activity outdoors, etc.) are important. No surprises.

The rate of wrinkle formation also depends on genetic conditions. You can’t get rid of them completely because your face would resemble a mask. However, they can be smoothed out and even partially eliminated in a permanent way. The effects depend primarily on the wealth of the portfolio. Interfering with the layers of the epidermis is a task for aesthetic medicine specialists.

Linseed – how it affects the skin

Linseed is supposed to have a beneficial effect on our digestive system, reduce constipation and help reduce body weight.

And externally? There are reasons to make your skin feel better. Flaxseed contains good organic acids, oils, proteins, minerals and vitamins that create a complex that is friendly to the epidermis. They have a softening, moisturizing and regenerating effect.

It is possible that it will not only smooth out wrinkles, but also reduce redness and make the skin glow.

How to make a wrinkle mask from linseed

You can easily find this recipe on TikTok. If you are not allergic to the ingredients, it should not harm you. The effect is smoothing wrinkles, improving skin tension and making it appear brighter.

  • Pour half a glass of water into the pot and add 3-4 teaspoons of linseed.
  • Bring everything to a boil over low heat, stirring constantly so that the flaxseed does not stick to the pot.
  • Set aside to cool and press the linseed through cheesecloth.
  • Apply it to the skin and leave for about 15 minutes.
  • After this time, wash the mask thoroughly with water and cleanse your skin with your favorite gel.

Better? Don’t regret it and use it as a form of relaxation.