How to take care of your skin microbiome in winter?

How to take care of your skin microbiome in winter?

Treatments with acids, retinoids and the fight against unfavorable external conditions are a real challenge for our skin. It is very easy to disturb its balance and weaken its natural barrier functions. As a result, the skin becomes dry, irritated, tight, rough and dull, and wrinkles appear. To counteract this, you need to take care of the hydrolipid layer, but also of the skin’s microbiome. We suggest methods and cosmetics that will help maintain the balance of the microbiome.

Bielenda - to support the skin in winter

Winter skin care must be considered on many levels. One of the most important tasks is to support its natural defense functions. Thanks to proper care – strengthening the hydrolipid layer, supporting the balance of the microbiome and helping to maintain optimal pH, the skin becomes more resistant and less sensitive to unfavorable external factors.

What exactly is the skin microbiome? How to recognize a disturbance of its balance?

Our skin is inhabited by millions of microorganisms – bacteria, fungi, yeast and other microbes that create a unique ecosystem on our skin. Most microorganisms that inhabit our skin live in symbiosis with skin cells, protecting us against the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria and allergens. Unfortunately, the balance of the microbiome is easy to disturb, especially now!

Too aggressive exfoliation – treatments with acids or intensive use of retinoids, but also the use of cosmetics with alcohol or lack of protection against UV radiation, leads to an imbalance, the so-called dysbiosis.

Microbiome balance – what are the symptoms of its violation:

  • excessive skin dryness,
  • weakened immunity – exacerbation of inflammation,
  • the appearance of acne lesions as a result of the multiplication of bacteria responsible for acne vulgaris,
  • susceptibility to irritants and allergens – redness, skin irritation,
  • slowing down skin renewal processes,
  • loss of elasticity.

In people suffering from atopic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis, disruption of the microbiome leads to the intensification of skin lesions.

How to restore the balance of the microbiome?

Cosmetics with prebiotics and probiotics help maintain the balance between beneficial and harmful microorganisms. Let’s start by explaining what probiotics are.

Probiotics – what are they and what are their functions?

Probiotics are live beneficial strains of bacteria whose task is to strengthen the bacterial flora and restore the balance of the microbiome. However, their effect on the skin is more comprehensive!

Probiotic ingredients in cosmetics – how they affect the skin:

  • strengthen the skin’s protective functions,
  • restore the natural pH of the skin,
  • accelerate regeneration processes – delay aging processes, accelerate wound healing,
  • reduce skin sensitivity – limit irritations and allergies,
  • improve the skin’s hydration level and texture,
  • support the treatment of inflammatory lesions and acne,
  • influence the proper composition of sebum produced.

Prebiotics – what are they and what are their functions?

Prebiotics act as food for our bacterial flora, activating beneficial bacteria to work and stimulating their multiplication. Prebiotics that stimulate the growth of microflora include, among others: glucose, fructose, xylitol, sucrose and inulin, which also helps soothe irritations and atopic conditions.

Synbiotic – what is it and how does it affect the skin?

The combination of beneficial microorganisms with their nutrient increases the effectiveness of cosmetics, which is why many care formulas contain a complex of prebiotics and probiotics – called “synbiotics”. They nourish the skin and restore the balance of the microbiome and ensure the correct pH of the skin, increasing its resistance to external factors.

Synbiotic cosmetics

An effective complex of probiotics and prebiotics can be found in the synbiotic Total Revital Solution series from SHECARE. Formulas based on ingredients that stimulate skin regeneration and support the balance of the microbiome are an ideal solution for all skin types, especially skin with the first signs of aging.

Cosmetics from the Microbiome Pro Care line by Supremelab also strengthen the epidermal barrier and support the reconstruction and maintenance of a healthy microbiome. This series is intended primarily for sensitive, delicate, thin, irritated, dehydrated and dysfunctional skin.