It costs PLN 5 and works like botox under the eyes. Smear and leave for 30 minutes

It costs PLN 5 and works like botox under the eyes.  Smear and leave for 30 minutes

If wrinkles under the eyes become your everyday concern, there is an effective and cheap way to fight them. Before you decide on expensive creams from the pharmacy, it is worth trying a proven home method that brings effects almost comparable to Botox treatments.

It costs PLN 5 and works like botox under the eyes.  Smear and leave for 30 minutes

Wrinkles under the eyes are an inevitable sign of passing time. However, before you invest in expensive creams, it is worth checking the effect of a product that you may have at home – petroleum jelly. A cheap and effective way to smooth the skin under the eyes, which surprises with its effectiveness.

Homemade eye botox: a natural solution for wrinkles

Vaseline not only perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin, but also has the ability to smooth the first wrinkles. People who have noticed the initial signs of skin aging should reach for this proven remedy. Just apply a thick layer under the eyes, wait 30 minutes and gently wash off. Thanks to regular use, the skin becomes firmer and wrinkles are less visible.

Vaseline: a universal solution for facial care

However, that’s not all! Vaseline is also great as a means for the care of the entire face. Its moisturizing effect is a real relief for dry and dehydrated skin. By applying it at night, we wake up with nourished and radiant skin. Nevertheless, people with oily skin should be careful and avoid blocking pores.

Use this simple but effective method and see for yourself the unparalleled power of petroleum jelly in skin care. Discover home remedies that allow you to enjoy youthful complexion for longer.

How are wrinkles formed?

The structure of the skin is based on collagen fibers and elastin, which act as “supports” for our skin. In youth, they are present in large quantities, which gives the skin elasticity and smoothness. However, over the years, their quantity decreases and the quality weakens, which leads to the reduction of the natural filler, which is hyaluronic acid. As soon as collagen and elastin lose their properties, the skin begins to wrinkle. Factors such as genetics, daily care, lifestyle, skin type and exposure to external factors such as UV radiation affect the speed at which wrinkles appear.