Kate Middleton, new scandal: in 2014 she worked only 76 days

Kate Middleton, new scandal: in 2014 she worked only 76 days

Kate Middleton between children, scandals, gossip, looks and …

There is no peace for the English Royal Family. After the concerns that followed the sex scandal that swept Prince Andrew accused of having had a relationship with a minor, the new target of criticism is now Kate Middleton.

Although the Duchess is among the most elegant and loved women in the world, she has been accused of being too lazy. According to an English study, Kate worked less than all 14 members of the Royal Family. Of course, the nausea due to the second pregnancy forced her to stay in bed for some time, but this is not enough to justify the fact that in 2014 she participated in only 76 official events.

For example, Prince Philip, Elizabeth's husband, at 93 years old and with various health problems, has never skipped a public commitment, attending more than 200 events. Carlo participated in 450 official exits, while the 88-year-old Queen was present at 375 events, reaching a record 6 engagements a day.

Therefore, it is not possible to grant extenuating circumstances to Lady Middleton. The criticisms against her are more than correct, in fact the Duchess in 2014 worked only 76 days out of 365. Very few, even if pregnant.

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