Kate Middleton, the Court rule that separates her from William and George

Kate Middleton, the Court rule that separates her from William and George

Kate Middleton will no longer be able to fly with William and her son George together. When the prince turns 12, he will be forbidden to take the same plane as Dad

Kate Middleton and William, travel by plane with their children

Kate Middleton, as the future Queen of England, must adhere to precise rules of conduct.

The court protocol, which Meghan Markle does not tolerate, defines the way in which she must act and speak in public. Among the various rules, some concern state tours. Lady Middleton is prohibited from traveling on the same plane at the same time as her husband William and her eldest son George.

The rule dates back to the times of the first air flights when the devices were less safe and served to protect the descendants in the event of an accident. The same trick is followed for example by the White House, for which the President and the vice-president never travel together. Among other things, just a few days ago, Will and Kate were involved in a traffic accident when a man of their escort hit a woman.

Elizabeth has recently imposed less restrictive limits, allowing the Dukes of Cambridge to fly with their children. When Will and Kate visited Australia, little George, who was then a year old, was with them on the same plane. The Queen had granted them permission, since the line of succession was guaranteed with Carlo.

But when George turns 12, this will no longer be possible. The eldest son of the Dukes can no longer fly with his father William. The protocol does not establish with whom Kate will have to travel, but she will certainly have to choose whether to stay with her son or her husband, so it will necessarily be separated from one of the two.

This is true both for private jets and for scheduled flights that real people sometimes use. Recently Harry returned from Rome on a commercial flight. Kate instead flew with British Airways in 2016, while William took a Ryanair plane last year. In 2011 the couple remained on the ground, like everyone else, when their plane did not take off due to a breakdown.

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