Kendji Girac affair: why do dramas that affect stars fascinate us so much?

Kendji Girac affair: why do dramas that affect stars fascinate us so much?

A few days ago, the announcement of the hospitalization of Kendji Girac following a gunshot wound aroused the emotion of his fans and a whole series of articles in the media, on his health, but also his private life . Why do dramas that affect the stars fascinate us so much? Here is the point of view of Johanna Rozenblum, clinical psychologist.

People who did not know Kendji Girac a few weeks ago were able to witness, through the media, the unpacking of his private life following his gunshot wound. And this is just one example, among many others. Why is it that when something bad happens to a star, the general public is fascinated, looking for the smallest detail about what happened to them?

A little voyeurism but also curiosity

When questioned, Johanna Rozenblum, clinical psychologist, believes that there is a kind of voyeurism on the part of the general public, but also curiosity. “The general public wrongly believes that celebrities do not live the same daily life as them, that they do not face the same difficulties and the same ups and downs of life. explains our expert. “So when there is information that comes out, whether it is true or false, there is this somewhat voyeuristic tendency to jump on the information to tell ourselves that it doesn't just happen to us.“.

Reassure yourself and tell yourself that the stars are human, too

For the psychologist, it is a way – certainly unhealthy – of reassuring herself and telling herself that there are not certain people dedicated to happiness and other people dedicated to a daily life that is sometimes less rosy. “Sespecially since among the vast majority of stars, there is this completely conscious desire to want to release an idealized and fantasized image, very far from reality” adds Johanna Rozenblum.

For readers and fans, there is a sort of delight when a tragedy happens. It's a bit of a fault that will bring these celebrities closer to the reality of our daily lives and bring them down from their pedestal.” adds the expert.

Good in his body, good in his head!

“The idea is not to rejoice but to become aware”

According to Johanna Rozenblum, the dramas of the stars “reassure us in a certain way and that must amuse the general public a little too“For the expert, this brings reality to the forefront: stars have their share of problems, like ordinary mortals.”But be careful, the idea here is not to rejoice in the misfortune of others, it is rather to become aware of the gap between their perfect image broadcast everywhere and their reality and to understand that they too are, facing the same difficulties as anyone else” she concludes.