Seamless revolution: how TECNO is developing its ecosystem

Seamless revolution: how TECNO is developing its ecosystem

Manufacturers have long realized that gadgets and peripherals can be combined into logical networks that were initially optimized for the collaboration of several devices. Thanks to this, an almost seamless effect of switching and data exchange is achieved – all this has been well known to Handoff* users on iOS and macOS systems for many years.

The ecosystem facilitates interaction with products of the same brand, thanks to which different devices seem to complement each other, and their use becomes easier and more intuitive. Often it is this aspect that becomes the determining factor that shapes the attitude towards the brand.

As a rule, no digital ecosystem is complete without a logical center (the main device) and external semi-autonomous elements, such as accessories and peripherals: smart watches immediately come to mind, largely duplicating the functionality of a smartphone. However, in some cases these relationships are equal: for example, between smartphones and laptops.


TECNO is at the forefront of a new revolution: today, almost all of the brand’s devices – smartphones, laptops, headphones and others – have learned to “communicate” with each other and perform complex tasks of maintaining and optimizing the system, exchanging data, creating content, and so on.

Flagship smartphones have become the center of the TECNO ecosystem: their design, high performance and innovative technologies impress even industry connoisseurs. Currently, the brand’s range of smartphones is represented by four series: PHANTOM clamshells, CAMON camera phones, POVA workhorses and bright SPARK budget phones.

The company's first folding smartphone, PHANTOM V Fold, delights with the ultimate combination of flagship technology and design. Durable case materials and an innovative hinge ensure durability, while the foldable LTPO AMOLED screen* allows you to instantly turn your smartphone into a tablet.

For lovers of compact flagships, TECNO has developed the PHANTOM V Flip: when folded, the clamshell easily fits into a pocket, and the round external AMOLED display opens up new possibilities for customization and notification control. It is noteworthy that, despite its compact body and dividing hinge, the V Flip technically confidently competes with the flagships of other brands, not inferior to them in performance, battery life and camera quality.

Smartphone   PHANTOM V Flip, TECNO

Smartphone PHANTOM V Flip, TECNO

Fans of classic design will like the CAMON 30 Premier 5G: from the first minutes of use, this device will be remembered for its “marble” aesthetics and modern body materials. However, the main feature of the smartphone must be recognized as an advanced system of four cameras with a resolution of 50 megapixels, support for image processing algorithms and an optical stabilization system of the main module – all this will allow you to take high-quality pictures even in the most difficult conditions.

Smartphone CAMON 30 Premier 5G, TECNO

Smartphone CAMON 30 Premier 5G, TECNO


The TECNO ecosystem also consists of accessories that are indispensable for many – wireless headphones. It is noteworthy that the brand strives to highlight each model with special characteristics: Buds 3 use proprietary low-frequency enhancement technology, Sonic 1 can work with or without ear pads, and True 1 is equipped with one of the best noise reduction systems in the industry.

However, the flagship is the TECNO True 1. They are equipped with six directional microphones, which allows them to block noise up to 42 dB, and the unique acoustic technology creates an immersive and surround sound effect.

True 1 headphones, TECNO

True 1 headphones, TECNO


In addition to smartphones and headphones, TECNO is widely known for its MEGABOOK series laptops: the flagship S1 ultrabooks, the T16 universal workstations, the compact T1 and the 16-inch K16 budget phones.

The MEGABOOK S1's premium, airy design will appeal to users looking for a lightweight, thin, and productive laptop for working outside the home. Featuring a 3.2K display, energy-efficient 12th Gen Intel Core i7 processors, and fast LPDDR5 RAM, it's perfect for business, creativity, and entertainment on the go.



Supporters of bright design will like MEGABOOK T1: laptops will delight with a bright frameless display with an aspect ratio of 16:10 and long battery life, and a powerful cooling system will help you perform any task with maximum comfort. Interestingly, the kit also includes 65 W GaN charging – just ten minutes from the network is enough for several hours of battery life for the laptop.



TECNO has not forgotten about the mini PC industry by launching the MEGA MINI M1. A pocket-sized nettop will be an ideal solution for the office and home, replacing a set-top box or media center. Even simple games can be played – the heart of the device is the eight-core 12th generation Intel Core i5 processor with a power of 45 W.



At the MWC 2024 tech exhibition, the brand also announced MEGABOOK T16 – TECNO's most advanced series of laptops with Intel Core Ultra processors, Intel Arc graphics and powerful cooling. It is likely that T16 will go on sale in Europe in the coming months.

How the TECNO ecosystem works

The connection between TECNO products is not limited to just the brand name and some general engineering solutions. It's the digital ecosystem—the combination of software features and fine-tuning—that unlocks the potential of these devices.

To increase productivity and speed in everyday tasks, TECNO has developed OneLeap* technology, which establishes an NFC wireless connection between a laptop and a smartphone for instant data transfer, file storage management for both devices, and screen mirroring. Sharing data with your computer has never been easier: sending files is as easy as a three-finger swipe on your smartphone.

Photo: Inessa Mertey

Owners of TECNO computers also have access to PC Manager software, based on artificial intelligence technologies. One application provides a wide range of functionality: intelligently increasing system performance, protecting confidential data, and even generating images. Additionally, PC Manager can be used in video calls to blur the background and focus on the eyes.

It is thanks to its own ecosystem that TECNO devices are able to work as one, thereby saving our invaluable time and effort. It will be interesting to see what solutions will appear in this industry in the future, especially taking into account the rapid development of wireless data transfer protocols.

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