Le Iene, the latest video by Nadia Toffa: "It doesn't matter how much you live, but how"

Le Iene, the latest video by Nadia Toffa: "It doesn't matter how much you live, but how"

In the first episode of the Hyenas, a special tribute to Nadia Toffa. A video wanted by her, when she knew she had to die, where she turned to loved ones

The Hyenas return and with them, inevitably, the memory and the presence of Nadia Toffa. In the episode that will air Tuesday October 1st, there will be a special memory of the journalist and presenter who disappeared in August. A tribute video wanted by her, made in December 2018, when she already knew that she wouldn't have much left to live. A tribute that in reality is a sort of spiritual testament, a gift that Nadia makes to us, to her audience.

Because twenty minutes are a punch in the stomach, the words of a person who knows he is sentenced to death and nevertheless wants to have next to and thank everyone he loves most, because "It doesn't matter how much you live, but how you do it".

Says Nadia in the video, recorded at her home, in the presence of the historic boyfriend and author of the program Max Ferrigno and Giorgio Romiti, another author who has often worked with her:

The surprise is that I would like to meet friends, old, new, loved ones, relatives, colleagues who have left their mark in my terrible last year, people who really matter. I would like you to help me film these meetings. I want to do it because I've changed a lot in this last year. It is not how you live, but how you live. When a person dies, I find the question stupid: how old was he? The years do not count, but if you have lived intensely. I am doing everything possible to delay my death, all possible care. We'll see how much more time I will have, but I don't believe much

Nadia says in the video that she wants to meet the people who matter because she wants to know from them what they really think about her, she wants to live a moment of pure truth and leave a beautiful memory.

My mother Margherita, a wonderful person, I am more sorry for her than for me; Max who will be with us at the chemo; two of my high school classmates, Margherita and Francesca; a friend of mine from Brescia, Tommaso; my boss Davide Parenti. Then my friend Sara, my grandmother Maria a woman in one piece; my granddaughter Alice (I'm proud because she looks a lot like me). And Silvio Berlusconi: I never knew him but I would have so many curiosities to ask him. I feel very grateful for him, he started the helicopter for me to get me to San Raffaele immediately when I was ill in Trieste. I would say to him: "I never voted for her, I'm not the best Mediaset presenter, why do you love me?"

Because this was Nadia, she could not even understand all the good that the people who gravitated around her wanted. That could only be fascinated by his energy, by his strength, by the combativeness he put into everything he did. Until the last day of his life.

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