Letizia of Spain, Sofia takes inspiration from her and with the looks she is not wrong

Letizia of Spain, Sofia takes inspiration from her and with the looks she is not wrong

The smallest member of the Spanish Royal Family has very clear ideas: in terms of look she decided to take inspiration from her mother and recycle her clothes

Letizia di Spagna compared with the look of her daughters Leonor and Sofia

Leonor and Sofia, the daughters of Letizia of Spain, are now splendid adolescents and, from their mother, they have inherited the class and good taste in fashion and clothing. Several times, with their looks, they have managed to steal the show from Ortiz. But what is the secret of the two princesses?

Without a shadow of a doubt, Leonor and Sofia can enjoy the good example of Letizia, always perfect and flawless on every occasion. The two, then, also have the opportunity to draw from their mother's huge and well-assorted wardrobe and, to take advantage of it, it would seem to be above all the smallest member of the Spanish Royal Family, who loves to recover clothes that are no longer worn.

Sofia, in fact, would seem to have a real passion for Letizia's accessories. And, just recently, she was spotted with a garment that had belonged to her mother. It is a black and white scarf that the Princess chose to wear on Epiphany to go, together with the entire Royal Family to Pozuelo de Alarcón, to visit Jesús José Ortiz, father of the Queen.

To the most attentive eyes, the detail has not gone unnoticed, the scarf sported by the Infanta Sofia had already been worn by Letizia as early as 2017. Ortiz, on the other hand, guarantees its garments a long life: several times she has participated in institutional events wearing, with great confidence, clothes he had already shown earlier. And, apparently, the Queen's second child has decided to follow in his footsteps, giving yet another chance to the finished garments at the bottom of the wardrobe.

But it is not the first time that little Sofia wears accessories from her mother. Often and willingly, in fact, she selects small details to give an extra touch of class to her looks, just as happened in May last year, when she attended the commemoration for the victims of Covid which took place in the garden of the Zarzuela Palace. loan of shoes and black belt.

And if Letizia does not mind leaving the doors of her wardrobe open to her daughters, the two Princesses have also allowed her to take something from their collection. In fact, Ortiz sometimes sported the accessories of Leonor and Sofia.

In short, the youngest of the Royal Family seems to have very clear ideas: mother Letizia, for her, is a real muse. On the other hand, under the expert guidance of Ortiz, the Princess cannot be wrong. What look will she show off at the next occasion?

Letizia of Spain

The Infanta Sofia sports a belt borrowed from Queen Letizia.

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