London is the capital of veganism, but tomorrow Barcelona will steal the show

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If London and Los Angeles constitute the Mecca for vegan consumers, new destinations should soon make them salivate with new restaurant concepts and offers guaranteed without animal protein. This is particularly the case in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Gourmet tables without animal proteins, a Bulgarian restaurant which does not include any, as well as Afro-Caribbean cuisine based solely on vegetables and cereals… London offers the widest choice of vegan restaurants in the world, if We believe the HappyCow platform, a pioneer in terms of recommendations for locating addresses thanks to a referencing system explored by more than a million monthly visitors. While the proportion of vegan spots fell by 22% between 2022 and 2023 in London, new destinations, mainly European, could become the trips to recommend when you eat neither meat nor fish.

The vegan capitals of tomorrow

And contrary to what one might think, cities where culinary heritage is deeply rooted in culture are not exempt from replacing London. This is in fact the case of Barcelona, ​​where the number of vegan restaurants has literally exploded, by around 173%. We are talking about tables as well as grocery stores or other culinary concepts consistent with the principles of veganism. In the land of zarzuela and boutifarres, even tapas are complemented by plant-based ingredients in modern taverns that have shaken up Spanish culinary habits. The demonstration is just as true for Paris. If the large starred restaurants are among the most numerous, the City of Lights has more and more vegan restaurants, and especially plant-based pastries.

Vegans can look forward to other city-break options by also considering a detour to Hamburg. In Central Europe, if Berlin is unsurprisingly the most recommendable destination where you can even find meatless kebabs, the first German port offers more and more diverse and varied options. According to HappyCow, the network of vegan addresses has increased by 55% over one year.

In a more distant future, we can finally imagine Bangkok (Thailand) or Lisbon (Portugal) as travel for vegans, given the excitement around new culinary deals guaranteed without animal proteins.

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