Long-distance relationship: our advice to make it last after the summer

Long-distance relationship: our advice to make it last after the summer

Some couples formed on their vacation spot hope to prolong their romance over time and, why not, make it lasting. Is it possible ? The answer of our psychologist, Johanna Rozenblum.

Are holiday romances necessarily short-lived? Not so sure ! It often happens that, during this more relaxed period, you make a beautiful encounter and hope to see it last, despite the distance. Is it realistic? Yes, depending on the place we give it.

Make sure you’re on the same wavelength

No fulfilling relationship at a distance without a shared and concrete wish for two. Thus, the first parameter to make your relationship last despite the distance lies in knowing what to expect, as a couple: Do you have the same expectations? Is this an exclusive relationship? What are the efforts you are ready to make, in the short and long term?…

“The long-distance relationship represents a real investment. The balance of long-distance love lies in the couple’s attachment, fidelity and ability to project themselves into a common future, all of this in mutual trust, of course. “ summarizes Joahanna Rozenblum, psychologist.

A capacity that must be based on solid and mutual foundations, which allow us to trust each other without monitoring each other.

Going the distance, how to

Do you agree on your desire to continue the adventure, despite the miles? We must now build this relationship over time. To give you the best chance, the psychologist suggests setting up a framework, from the start, in which interactions are essential:

Continue calling or texting each other

With today’s technological means, it is easy to keep in touch and talk face to face at the slightest desire. Enjoy it.

Stay informed of events, without making any mystery

Be honest about what you are going through, your daily life, your emotions and pleasant events. Beware of things left unsaid: the distance could then lead to many unnecessary questions.

Set a reunion date

To keep this relationship concrete, plan regular reunion dates, and suggest meeting places that suit both of you (it’s not up to one to travel alone).

Don’t let distance set in

At some point, distance will undoubtedly weigh in on your daily life. Now is not the time to be distant, precisely, with your partner. But rather to open up to your emotions.

Keep the dialogue open

Whatever the outcome of this relationship, and what you feel, positive or negative, it is essential to keep the dialogue open about your expectations, what works, what does not work. Only then can you build a relationship based on trust… and not regret your decision!