Lotto for Zara: a total look proposal in perfect 60s style

Lotto for Zara: a total look proposal in perfect 60s style

Sporty taste and retro style, Lotto for Zara is a fresh proposal that winks at the 60s.

Sporty taste and retro style for a fresh proposal that includes dresses, shorts, tops, shoes and accessories.
We are talking about the first collaboration between Lotto, a symbolic brand of sportswear with a very Italian design, and Zara, the international brand that belongs to the Inditex Group.

Lot for Zara - clothes

Green short dress with square neckline or pastel color with straight neckline?

A total look proposal inspired by the legendary sixties, those of the economic boom, miniskirts and Swinging London.

Lot for Zara - 2021

Headbands, dresses, miniskirts and accessories. I fight for Zara

Lotto for Zara is the new complete, refined and essential capsule, which is preparing to conquer even the most eclectic consumers with its dynamic and at the same time sophisticated style.

I fight for Zara - the suit

Long jumpsuit with square neckline and thin straps

Entirely designed for women, it winks at the minimalism of the 60s that it reinterprets with sports-inspired materials.
Practical, glamorous and comfortable, together with the colors and cuts, it also brings the atmosphere and suggestions of the legendary sixties into our wardrobe.

Total look

High-waisted mini skirt, tank top with asymmetrical neckline and double shoulder strap

Great performances every day, therefore, thanks to the essential style of Zara and the extraordinary versatility of Lotto.

Mini bag

Mini shoulder bag in Nylon

“With this collection we wanted to explore a world towards which we have always felt a great admiration, bringing with us the distinctive features of our sporting DNA intact”, says Andrea Tomat, President of Lotto Sport Italia.

If you love the fashion of the 60s, the latest Lotto capsule collection for Zara in Limited Edition is perfect for you!
You can find it online and from 19 July in 2200 Zara stores around the world.

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