“Loud budgeting”: what is this dating trend for saving money without hiding it?

“Loud budgeting”: what is this dating trend for saving money without hiding it?

On Tiktok, we only talk about it: the trend of loud budgeting or “noisy management of one’s budget”. A concept, which consists of refusing expensive activities during a date to better manage your expenses.

During a romantic date, have you ever “bleed” yourself to pay for a sumptuous restaurant? Good news: with the loud budgeting trend, you will no longer have to empty your bank account. This practice encourages you to be careful with your money and to favor free activities.

How does heavy budgeting work?

The principle is simple: you just have to tell the other person that you prefer to save money or not put your finances at risk by this date.

If a friend asks you to go out, you tell him: I don’t want to spend money on gas“, explains Lukasbattle, TikToker with 600,000 subscribers.

The idea here is obviously not to appear stingy in the eyes of your loved one but rather to proudly display your “budgetary conscience”: if you refuse this expensive dinner, it is to anticipate the costs linked to your moving or to put aside with a view to purchasing real estate.

In this way, canceling an outing and replacing it with a free activity (walk in a park, museum, etc.) can quickly become attractive.

I think being honest and realistic about money should be considered stylish and cool“, assures Lukas Battle. Finally, “You come out of this situation a winner. It’s not: “I don’t have enough.” It’s: “I don’t want to spend“, specifies the influencer.

An attitude praised by experts

While inflation weighs more and more on the wallets of the French – almost one in two fear falling into poverty, according to a recent IFOP survey – Andrea Woroch, budget management coach, ensures that this trend is benefactor:

Until now, we saw people flaunting their money on social media rather than flaunting their financial struggles. This trend is now helping to move money discussions in the right direction“, she assures.

For her part, Johanna Rozenblum, clinical psychologist interviewed by The evening editionbelieves that being honest with others about their finances can relieve a weight.

Pretending, lying, putting oneself in critical situations to meet expectations generates suffering. Conversely, accepting your financial difficulties can provide relief. “To say it is to relieve yourself of the weight of taking responsibility for yourself. Speaking, creating meaning, is already care in itself. It’s no longer denying what we feel. It’s self-love.”

A behavior that is a world away from ambient consumerism, which is good for morale… and the wallet!