Madalina Ghenea denies the relationship with Nicolò Zaniolo: “Meet once”.

Madalina Ghenea denies the relationship with Nicolò Zaniolo

Zaniolo in love with Madalina Ghenea?

In recent times, the rumor mill was abuzz with speculations of a romantic involvement between Italian football star Nicolo Zaniolo and Romanian actress Madalina Ghenea. These rumors took the internet by storm, leaving fans and media outlets curious about this potential power couple. However, Madalina Ghenea has now set the record straight, taking to Instagram to deny the alleged flirtation and clarify their relationship status.

The Instagram Post that Ended Speculation

In a candid post on her Instagram account, Madalina Ghenea shared a photo of a letter written by her lawyers and addressed to various news agencies. In this letter, she left no room for doubt, stating, “I haven’t been engaged for many months, I’ve said it many times here on social media and in interviews.” With this statement, Ghenea aimed to put an end to the ongoing gossip and bring clarity to her relationship status.

The Truth Behind the Headlines

Zaniolo in love with Madalina Ghenea

According to Ghenea, her interaction with Nicolo Zaniolo was far from what the tabloids had painted. She revealed that they had only met once, dispelling notions of a deep romantic involvement. Ghenea’s press release further emphasizes this point, stating, “At Christmas and New Year’s I was with the dearest people I have in the world: my mother and my daughter.” She went on to add, “A meeting thanks to mutual friends, chats, funny jokes and laughter together on social networks, in transparency and in the light of the sun, they do not express an engagement and do not hide anything else.”

Setting the Record Straight

In a world where celebrity relationships often take center stage in the media, Madalina Ghenea’s decision to address the rumors head-on is a refreshing move. She made it clear that her priorities lie with her family, spending quality time with her loved ones during the holiday season. By sharing this information, Ghenea not only sets the record straight but also reinforces the importance of separating fact from fiction in the realm of celebrity gossip.

Francesca Costa, Mother of Nicolo Zaniolo, Speaks Out on Relationship and Previous Partner

In the midst of swirling rumors and speculations about the relationship between Italian footballer Nicolo Zaniolo and Romanian actress Madalina Ghenea, a new voice has entered the conversation. Francesca Costa, Nicolo Zaniolo’s mother, recently spoke candidly about her views on the situation during a live interview on Radio Radio.

Costa’s Concerns About the Relationship

Francesca Costa did not mince her words during the interview, expressing her reservations about her son’s newfound acquaintance with Madalina Ghenea. She mentioned that both she and her husband did not entirely approve of this new relationship, citing the age difference between Madalina and herself. In her words, “My husband and I do not agree with this new acquaintance with Madalina who is slightly younger than me. Let’s try to reason with him, but with a 21-year-old boy, you know how things go. He replies ‘okay, thank you, you told me…’.”

Clarifying the Situation with Sara Scaperrotta

Francesca Costa also took the opportunity to address certain rumors that had recently surfaced regarding Nicolo Zaniolo’s previous partner, Sara Scaperrotta. She particularly responded to an article by Giornalettismo, which suggested that Sara had been “expelled” from Nicolo’s home.

Costa emphatically stated, “Nobody kicked her out,” emphasizing that they had treated Sara like a member of their family. However, she did confirm a particular aspect of the Giornalettismo article, which had quoted an alleged aunt of Sara Scaperrotta. According to Costa, “Yes, Sara had an abortion 7 months ago.”

She further elaborated on the situation, mentioning, “Even there, however, there were some unpleasant situations,” suggesting that Nicolo’s relationship with Sara had faced difficulties. Costa shared a conversation where Sara expressed relief about the choice they had made, saying, “luckily she went like this last time. I’m realizing that Nicolò is difficult to manage. Luckily we made this choice’.”

In Conclusion

Francesca Costa’s statements shed light on the personal aspects of Nicolo Zaniolo’s life and relationships. Her candid remarks offer a glimpse into the complexities of fame and relationships in the public eye. While the speculation surrounding Nicolo Zaniolo and Madalina Ghenea continues, Costa’s comments provide a perspective from a concerned mother and underscore the challenges faced by young individuals navigating love and life in the public spotlight.

In the age of social media and instantaneous news, rumors can spread like wildfire. However, Madalina Ghenea’s Instagram post serves as a reminder that not everything we read or hear is accurate. In this case, it’s clear that the alleged relationship between Nicolo Zaniolo and Madalina Ghenea was nothing more than gossip. As we move forward, it’s essential to rely on verified information and respect the privacy of public figures, acknowledging that they too deserve personal space and the right to clarify their own narratives.


  1. Were Nicolo Zaniolo and Madalina Ghenea ever in a romantic relationship?
    • No, Madalina Ghenea has confirmed that they were not in a romantic relationship. Their interaction was limited to a single meeting.
  2. What prompted Madalina Ghenea to address the relationship rumors?
    • Madalina Ghenea addressed the rumors to put an end to the speculation and provide clarity on her relationship status.
  3. How did the media react to Madalina Ghenea’s Instagram post?
    • The media reported on Ghenea’s post, acknowledging her denial of the alleged relationship.
  4. What message does this incident convey about celebrity gossip?
    • This incident highlights the importance of verifying information and respecting the privacy of public figures in a world where rumors can quickly spread.
  5. What are Madalina Ghenea’s priorities, as mentioned in her statement?
    • Madalina Ghenea’s priorities are spending time with her family, especially during the holiday season, as mentioned in her Instagram post.