These zodiac signs hate the heat: are you among them?

segni zodiacali odiano il caldo

If you are one of the zodiac signs that hate the heat, the next period will certainly not be easy for you: you don’t want to find out who your friends are?

Today we decided to ask the stars and planets to provide us with one definitely curious horoscope ranking.
You will also know someone (or, perhaps, you are that someone, who cannot help but detest the heat.
Whether it’s an aversion to the summer months or just the inability to live when temperatures exceed twenty-five degreesit doesn’t matter: for sure you will find it in the classification from today horoscope!

The zodiac signs that hate the heat: find out if you are among them too

Sometimes, when we are in the middle of summer and we have not even woken up that we are already sweating, we understand what the zodiac signs that hate the heat.

zodiac signs hate the heat

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After all, in fact, it is really true that the hot can be truly asphyxiating!
Sweat, being unable to get up from the sofa and dreams of tropical beaches while in front of your PC at work: we understand why high temperatures can have detractors!
Today we asked the stars and planets to tell us what are the zodiac signs that hate the heat.
(Hey, if you love him check it out here: there are all the zodiac signs who, instead, love him madly!).

Better to have a few more friends against this common enemy who, we are sorry for you if you are in the rankings, will accompany us at least for a few months.
Ready to discover the top five positions?

Capricorn: fifth place

From those born under the sign of Capricorn we could have expected it: accustomed to the rigors of winter, i Capricorn they are not crazy about the heat.

Hey, let’s understand: it’s not like they hate him to death, especially if we don’t talk about an exaggerated heat. Unfortunately, however, the Capricorn they really suffer from heat and, when it is hot, they feel they can no longer do anything. THE Capricorn they are people who flourish in an environment that guarantees them the possibility of expressing themselves: the heat inhibits any desire to do and i Capricorn they hate it!

Taurus: fourth place

Also for the Bull the heat is nothing exceptional … quite the opposite! Those born under the sign of Taurus often hate the heat because they can’t get anything done.

When it starts to get too hot, in fact, i Bull they suddenly become much less “accurate” than usual.
THE Bull they are people who always have a clear plan about what they want to do and how they want to do it. The heat forces them to postpone, plan again, or do a whole host of things that make the Bull definitely intolerant. How boring, but the temperatures could not remain spring?

Scorpio: third place

Even if those born under the sign of Scorpio they don’t mind lazing around from time to time, the heat isn’t really for them.

If you know one Scorpioin fact, you will know how (almost always) those born under this sign end up taking holidays… in cold places!
To the Scorpio I don’t really like going to the beach and staying there, just getting a tan. They are people who they adore move and do many things: the heat does not go well with these feelings!

Sagittarius: second place

THE Sagittarius they are people who can’t stand the heat: hey, we could have expected it a little from them too, right?

For the Sagittarius the heat is just something that stands between them and their plans. With the heat everyone is more relaxed, they want to have fun and leave the house to be with friends.
For the Sagittarius this is practically horrifying: but how, they don’t want to waste time and loiter! With the arrival of the heat comes a season of relaxation that is not quite what i Sagittarius they prefer: and then, what do others want? They won’t think they’re cool enough to be friends with Sagittariusno?

Virgo: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that hate the heat

If we talk about performance under the heat of the summer hours, here is the Virgin. Used to always being in top form, the Virgin it’s one of those signs that can’t help but hate the heat.

Is everyone else walking around half-naked, with sweat, deodorant or lotion stains on the edges of their shirts?
There Virgin absolutely not: always precise and perfect, it looks down on people who can’t help but become a little more “free” in summer.
For the Virgin this period of heat is one of the worst ever: no one understands her and she… does not understand anyone! There is a reason, in fact, if there is Virgin it is not in the ranking of the zodiac signs plus parsley of the horoscope: why show off?

Our horoscope rankings are to be regarded as pure and simple entertainment created by us for our readers solely and exclusively for fun.

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