Marie Kondo is right! Here are the unsuspected benefits of tidying up for your mental health

Marie Kondo is right!  Here are the unsuspected benefits of tidying up for your mental health

Author of a bestselling book on tidying up, Marie Kondo delivered her KonMari method almost ten years ago, which consists of sorting your belongings and only keeping those that bring joy. But what are the benefits of tidying up for mental health? Explanations from Siyana Mincheva, psychologist.

Inspired by a certain form of minimalism, Marie Kondo’s KonMarie method invites you to get rid of the superfluous to keep only the essentials in your interior.

A world-famous storage method

Marie Kondo, whose book was a huge success almost 10 years ago, in 2014, was recognized as the Popess of tidying up. His method relies on having an interior that contains only objects that spark joy.

To do this, she recommends committing to tidying up, imagining your ideal interior style, then getting rid of items with “sincere thanks for being useful.”

Then, the Japanese coach recommends starting with clothes, then books, papers, various objects (komono in Japanese) before finishing with things that have sentimental value.

For the storage stage, she finally recommends proceeding by category and not by location. Indeed, according to her, this will lighten the task in the future because “by storing each piece separately, we do not realize that we are repeating the same tasks in several places, becoming prisoners of a vicious circle”.

Good in his body, good in his head!

What are the benefits of tidying up for our mind?

By having raised tidying to the level of a science, Marie Kondo has gained followers, with some people swearing by her method.

How can we explain the benefits of tidying up for our mental health? TipsForWomens asked the question to Siyana Mincheva, psychologist. “Tidying up has therapeutic virtues. It frees up space and creates order both physically and psychologically.” judges our expert.

When we haven’t sorted things out for a long time, we physically and psychologically free up space. And when we leave the place empty, it shows that we don’t need to fill a void.” estimates the specialist.

Tidying up and ordering also helps you manage stress better. “Tidying up helps reduce our stress, because tidying up and ordering frees up space but also rebalances us. We then have more fluid thinking, we clarify things better, tidying up makes thinking easier in a way.” note l’expert.

Finally, tidying up is also linked to our confidence and our self-esteem. “We take control of our environment and our personal space when we tidy up, it makes us feel more organized, we have a better self-image, and this is reflected in our confidence.” adds the psychologist.

Coming home to a clean and tidy house in the evening gives a feeling of pride and personal satisfaction. This promotes moments of relaxation and well-being“. So long live tidying up!