MET Gala 2023: celebrities and color schemes at Karl’s court

MET Gala 2023: celebrities and color schemes at Karl's court
MET Gala 2023: celebrities and color schemes at Karl's court

Let’s analyze the outfits worn at the MET Gala 2023, but from a different point of view: that of color harmony.

The 2023 edition of the MET Gala held in New York on the evening of May 1st was a celebration of the style and career of one of the biggest names in fashion. Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty, the exhibition that opens its doors at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where it will remain until July 16th, aims to honor the aesthetics of the legendary Kaiser of fashion, the German designer Karl Lagerfeld who died in 2019, and for doing it in the best way required a memorable red carpet.

The MET Gala 2023 seen under the lens of color harmony

Expectations, already at the unveiling of this year’s theme, were high, very high. Karl’s long-awaited muses, those supermodels, actresses and personalities who have greatly inspired him throughout his career, were not long in coming. What did they wear? Now we’ll find out, but from a new point of view: that of color harmony.

What is color harmony

Before getting to the heart of it, a little explanation for those who have not yet opened the doors of their vocabulary (and the doors of their wardrobe) to this term that has been buzzing around lately. Armocromia is a technique that in 2019 I illustrated in my first and homonymous book, Armocromia (Vallardi), and it is a method of analysis that I teach in my institute, the Italian Image Institute. This is the analysis of the skin-eyes-hair mix, which allows us to determine which colors suit us best, based on our natural colors. From wardrobe to make-up to hair color, thanks to color harmony it is easy to find the range of shades that best enhance our natural characteristics, which are usually divided into four macro categories. Categories that you have probably heard of and which take their names from the seasons, partly by convention and partly because within them we find chromatic characteristics attributable to those of nature in those respective phases of the calendar year. Spring, Autumn, Summer and Winter: let’s discover them one by one with the help of the celebrities seen on the New York red carpet of the MET Gala.

Black and white in homage to Karl Lagerfeld and in harmony with the Winter season

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