The fashion of the sling bag in 2023: the everyday bag, for everyone

The fashion of the sling bag in 2023: the everyday bag, for everyone

If you are looking for a bag suitable for everyday looks, small but roomy, versatile and against gender differences in fashion, the sling bag is the one for you.

The sling bag: why is it so popular?

Many years have passed since the only bag for women was the one (as wonderful as impractical, on many occasions) that is strictly carried by hand: after the revolution of the shoulder strap introduced by the audacious Coco Chanel, the bags they are revolutionized in many senses and fields: in fact, their impact on fashion is not limited to the fashion dimension. Let’s just think how unthinkable it could have been, until recently, to see a man carrying a handbag; probably, the beauty of the sling bag also lies in this. The model taken into consideration and very trendy in 2023 represents a unisex and genderless turning point of the accessory, taking up the model of the more classic (and Y2K) pouch, making it contemporary and, if necessary, classy.

Sling bag 2023: the coolest models

All the looks to match the sling bag

With the sling bag you can jump directly on casual looks, which go hand in hand with the nylon fabric typical of most of these models. Casual, however, doesn’t just mean jeans and a t-shirt; even a midi skirt combined with a pair of sandals is casual, and with a sling bag it’s also cool. Without gender limits, this bag can be worn by anyone but not only for an everyday outfit, but also for more sophisticated looks. The soft nappa version of the model, in fact, makes everything a little more chic.