Never seen such perfect waves on your hair, all you need is a bathrobe

onde capelli con accappatoio

Do you know that you just need a bathrobe to have dreamy waves on your hair? Here’s what you need to do.

In the last period, some tricks on one’s beauty routine are becoming popular on the web. Today we want to talk to you about a trick involving hair.

hair waves with bathrobe


This is the latest beauty gimmick that has gone viral on TikTok and consists ofuse the headband of a bathrobe to get perfect waves, without using tools. User Claudia Sartorelli (@claudiasartorelli_) shared this online trick and got thousands of views. But let’s find out together how it works

A bathrobe to create perfect waves on your hair

In the video shared by @claudiasartorelli_, the woman explains that you start by placing a belt of a bathrobe on the top of the head, dropping it on each side. Then they divide the hair into two sections and wrap around the waistband of the bathrobe.



A kind of French braid is created in which the hair is twisted around, gathering the strands as you go and repeating the process until you get to the end. Then it ties everything in two chignon or at the massino in a ponytail. If using this technique on the same day, Claudia recommends holding them in this position for at least 2-3 hourswhile if you have the option to get them the day before, then you can leave them that way for all night long. The result was nothing short of surprising. But Sartorelli is not the only one to have tried this technique.

Many videos of users who have tried it are circulating on the famous platform, with spectacular results. Some of them have wondered if they should use any product before wrapping their hair. Actually no, however we recommend that you moisten the hair before starting the process, but at the same time they don’t even have to be wet because it would be very difficult to dry them later. Curls, in the opinion of users, can last the whole day without the need to resort to hairspray or other products.

As for the advice of the experts, the latter suggest avoiding the use of a terry bathrobe, as it is too often. Better to opt for a thinner material. So you need to part the hair in two or four sections, wrap them back and let them hang like a long braid. You can even use torn sheets or cloth napkins if you don’t have a bathrobe at hand, but you have to pay attention to the thickness. In fact, it is the width of the fabric that makes the wave shape bigger.

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