New Year’s Eve: here is a mother’s technique for putting her children to bed early

New Year's Eve: here is a mother's technique for putting her children to bed early

You don’t have any childcare for your children on New Year’s Eve but you still want to wait until midnight? To avoid making children stay up too late, an English mother shared her tip. Here’s what she does to get her kids to bed at the usual time.

On New Year’s Eve, many people, and even parents of young children, want to spend a long evening, with family or friends, until midnight (at least). How can we do so as not to disturb the sleep of the youngest too much, who will be tempted to stay up like adults? Here’s a simple tip!

An English mother shares her tip

If you were wondering, Rochelle, an English mother, shared her tip on her TikTok account. To maintain the sleep schedule of her children, both of whom are in school, Rochelle has a simple trick: she advances the time on all the clocks in her home. By changing every hour in this way, she gives her children the illusion that it is midnight, when in reality it is only 7 p.m.!

@rochellerayeanthony I just dont want the kids knackered the next day. So we all start the year refreshed! And they miss out on nothing!! 🎆 #parentsoftiktok #mumhack #nye #kids #kidsbelike ♬ original sound – Rochelle

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Is she a genius? Or just cruel to her children?

In her video, the young woman wonders: is she a genius or simply cruel towards her children? In the comments, opinions are divided. Some parents relieve the young mother of guilt, praising her desire to respect her children’s sleep, while pleasing them. Other parents, on the contrary, believe that letting the children stay up until midnight on this occasion is not dramatic or that some children would be too intelligent to be fooled… Rochelle’s children are only six and four years old , not sure if this tip will work for her for much longer!

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