New Year’s gifts with meaning: 12 inspiring ideas

New Year's gifts with meaning: 12 inspiring ideas

Things “Murmurism”, knitted by caring hands

In 2015, the Murmurizm brand, founded by Timur Abdullaev, faced a crisis and was preparing to launch its latest collection together with grandmothers from the Vnukunuk social project. As a result, the latest collection breathed a second wind into the brand – the clothes were sold out in two days, and Murmurizm continued to collaborate with people from socially vulnerable groups. The team has a designer and a technologist who, together with the craftswomen, create clothes. Knitting is a favorite thing for them; each chooses the products that she would like to create. The assortment includes literally everything – from cozy socks knitted by Grandma Galya to a sweater with the inscription “You can’t offend, you can’t love,” hand-knitted by Lyudmila Skobina from the village of Sverdlovsky and Nadezhda Gordeeva.

Camerno art posters from young European authors

“Camerno is art that is easy to love,” says project founder Maria Zolotkova. Camerno exclusively presents the works of young abstract artists, photographers, architects, students and established designers from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Ulyanovsk. The works are created by hand or digitally, as well as in collaboration with a neural network. “Minimalism”, “From Travelling”, “Abstraction”, “Black and White” – for convenience, all the posters in the catalog are collected into thematic series. In addition, the description of the work contains recommendations on color combinations and suitable interior style. The works are printed on thick matte paper or natural cotton canvas on a stretcher, available in a gift tube or framed.

Reda mirrors with frames made from recycled cardboard

Founded by architect Daria Vasilkova, the Reda brand promotes the principles of conscious design and attracts those whose philosophy is close to the company. These European-style mirrors are made in collaboration with artist Ulyana Khokhlova, who creates objects exclusively from recycled cardboard and paper. The prototypes for the shapes, decorative details and bright colors were elements of European pattern design of the 17th century, and the use of recycled cardboard made it possible to create frames with an unusual texture.

Limited collection of textiles and decorative items Alexandra Rakhimova Interiors

Alexandra Rakhimova’s design studio has released a limited collection under the Alexandra Rakhimova Interiors brand, which is based on the principle of co-creation. Thus, pajamas are the result of a collaboration with the Azi Land brand. The sets, consisting of trousers and a shirt, are packaged in cotton envelopes, a method inspired by the sophisticated Japanese culture of furoshiki. The collection also includes three trays painted by artist Nikita Parechin. The source of inspiration was his series of works “Silence” about the purity of winter spaces and the boundless white spaces of the surrounding city. “This aesthetic is captivating, providing an opportunity to stop, freeze, and think in anticipation of awakening. We decided to translate this ideology onto our decorative trays, blurring the boundaries between art and interior items,” explains Rakhimova.

Eirine x Leffers Convertible Necklace

“Time Capsule” is a landmark collection of the EIRINE jewelry house, thanks to which you can preserve memories of important dates and events in life. In a pendant made of gold and sapphire glass, made in the form of a capsule, you can place four gold numbers – and change them if desired (the set includes a set of 10 gold numbers from 0 to 9 and tweezers). This fall, the capsules are painted in new colors – bright blue, anise, fuchsia, emerald and lilac. The palette was inspired by the main colors of the collection of the clothing brand LEFFER. All five transformable necklaces have two front sides: jewelry enamel on one side and a scattering of diamonds on the other. This double-sided combination allows the jewelry to organically complement both daytime and evening looks. The capsules are available in white, yellow and rose gold.