Queen of Hungary’s Water. This recipe from 1370 irons out wrinkles like a luxurious cream

Queen of Hungary's Water.  This recipe from 1370 irons out wrinkles like a luxurious cream

Once a favorite of royal courts, this cosmetic has been an object of desire for many women for centuries. They believed that its magical properties could turn back time. Although it may sound like a piece of legend, the Queen of Hungary’s water is still available and is appreciated for its numerous benefits.

Queen of Hungary's Water.  This recipe from 1370 irons out wrinkles like a luxurious cream

Known in Europe already in the 17th century, although it is not certain whether it was actually used by the queen, it definitely gained in popularity in aristocratic circles, even winning the recognition of King Louis XVI of France. Its key advantages include, among others: rejuvenation, smoothing and reduction of skin imperfections effect.

Queen of Hungary’s Water. What is it and how does it work?

Currently, there is a lot of scientific evidence confirming the effectiveness of this traditional cosmetic. What is behind its mysterious name? The recipe, once guarded by doctors, has survived to this day, and modern science supports its effectiveness. Legend says that it was first used by Queen Elizabeth, daughter of Władysław the Elbow-high, and its recipe was written down by the Italian doctor Jan Praevotius.

Over time, the composition of this concoction has undergone many changes, including the addition of thyme and lavender, but the basic ingredient, rosemary hydrolate, has remained unchanged. Experts confirm that this natural tonic actually rejuvenates the skin and has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and soothing properties.

Queen of Hungary’s Water. History

Created in 1370, the recipe is considered one of the oldest and longest-produced European toilet waters for women. Initially known as the Queen of Hungary’s Water, it found its way to the court of the French king Charles V the Wise and later gained popularity throughout Europe. According to legend, Queen Elizabeth, thanks to the regular use of this water, retained her youthful appearance until old age. Stories say that at the age of 60 she looked like a thirty-year-old, and even at the age of 72 she received a marriage proposal from the King of Poland.

Queen of Hungary’s water – how to make it?

To prepare this unique water you need: fresh sprigs of rosemary, lemon balm, sage, half a handful of dried lavender flowers, fresh mint sprigs, half a handful of fresh flowers or rose buds, 2 tablespoons of dried cornflower flowers, lemon peel and apple vinegar. Place these ingredients in a jar and then pour a mixture of vinegar and water in a 1:3 ratio. Close the jar and store it in a dark, dry place for 3 weeks, shaking it every day. After this time, strain the liquid and store it in a tightly closed container. To prepare the tonic, dilute the macerate with distilled water, using different proportions depending on the skin’s needs.

Beauty and health benefits

  • Tones the skin, restoring its appropriate pH.
  • Moisturizes and firms thanks to the polyphenols contained in rosemary.
  • Regenerates the skin, eliminates irritations and redness.
  • Narrows pores and helps fight imperfections, ideal for acne-prone and oily skin.
  • It has antidepressant properties and helps fight apathy and fatigue.
  • Used in memory and concentration disorders.
  • Supports the circulatory and cardiovascular system.
  • It has an anti-swelling effect, facilitating the removal of water from the body.
  • It relieves headaches, rheumatic, arthritic and migraine headaches.
  • It has antiseptic properties.
  • Supports the treatment of sinuses and respiratory diseases.