New Year’s shopping rules: where to find gifts, trusting your heart

New Year's shopping rules: where to find gifts, trusting your heart

“What to give to the person who has everything?” – perhaps the most popular question in December. The process of choosing the right gift becomes a real test of your creativity and your attention to detail. But it is possible and even necessary to get rid of the stress associated with choice. In order for the selection process to happen easily and smoothly, you just need to… formulate what exactly you want to wish to the recipient. It is this inner message that will become the guiding star that will lead you to the most ideal gift – made from the heart.

I wish you… a magical year

Who among us does not hope for a miracle? Belief in the best gives motivation to overcome any difficult situation and strive for the best. If you want to remind a loved one that anything in the world is possible, create an inspiring moment: let the gift bring a special atmosphere of joy and optimism. For her, this could be an elegant dress and luxurious jewelry – the kind that is worn only for the sake of a perfect evening. For him, it is a symbol of the fulfillment of a childhood dream – for example, a sailboat and tickets to a regatta. The easiest way to remind children of magic is with the help of their favorite fairy-tale characters who will help fulfill (perhaps with your help) even their cherished dreams.

I wish… the realization of your plans

If you are sure that everything is fine with the visualization of what you want, then perhaps you should give them support on the path to realizing your plans. Show that you believe in them and their strengths and that you are always ready to help when needed. Such a gift should be practical: it could be a universal iPhone or MacBook, a watch, or, for example, a comfortable bag. For children, support is especially important: a toy that shows how well they cope with difficulties (for example, a construction set) is a great choice.

I wish you… warmth, tranquility and comfort

Do you know that the recipient of the gift has had an eventful year and would like to take a break and relax with his family? Just creating a cozy environment is no small feat, but it will not diminish the joy of receiving luxurious cashmere. Such a gift will be relevant for both him and her. But you can give children something that will make the holidays at home more interesting, for example, a moving “Polar Express” or a warm down jacket for playing snowballs.

I wish… freedom to express yourself

We often dream of expressing our individuality more clearly, but sometimes we are afraid to do this for fear of misunderstanding. It is important to support loved ones in this process. Whether among friends or family, everyone should realize their potential and be accepted for who they are. If you know that such support in expressing your “I” will not interfere with a loved one, give him something that will give him courage. For her, it could be red lipstick or a scarlet minidress. For him – things with a bold design, things that he never dared to wear. Children, as a rule, worry less about the opinions of others – give them the opportunity to feel even more like a prince or princess, let the memory of this support them in the future.

I wish… more time to relax

If your gift recipient had a busy schedule this year that rarely allowed time for self-care, give…