Nice Carnival: for the first time, visually impaired people can fully enjoy the festival

Nice Carnival: for the first time, visually impaired people can fully enjoy the festival

To enable visually impaired people to enjoy the Nice festivities, a unique audio description system has been set up in the very heart of Corso Carnavalesque.

This is a great first in Nice. The city and La Mut’ – Mutualité Française PACA SSAM offered visually impaired people a 100% immersive carnival experience… thanks to the use of 2.0 headsets. Explanations.

Inclusion at the heart of the celebrations

It was this Tuesday, February 20, during the illuminated carnival parade, that the device was tested.

The visually impaired, then equipped with wireless headphones, were able to enjoy the show thanks to detailed comments from a sworn professional, installed in a cabin.

Thanks to a wireless headset, each moment of the parade will be narrated by an expert voice, immersing spectators in the excitement of the party. This device is not limited to enriching the experience of visually impaired spectators; it truly connects them to the soul of carnival“, underlines the Mut’.

A rather perilous exercise, since the description of the carnival corso was carried out live, in the middle of the crowd – considerable that evening.

We don’t describe as we would for a clairvoyant, because we are addressing a person who has a different sensoriality, we have to catalyze their imagination without cluttering it” confides Jacomina Dussol, referent audio describer, to our colleagues from Europe 3.

A device that appealed to the visually impaired

While around fifty visually impaired people were able to benefit from the famous helmets on Tuesday and Wednesday, a question arises: did the device live up to their expectations?

Yes, according to the happy beneficiaries, whom we interviewed on site.

It was great, absolutely great“, tells us Julie Tiranty, visually impaired.

Her friend outbids herThe descriptions were great.“.

The only downside? “The Carnival music was too loud“, several deficient people tell us, who nevertheless claim to have been “very happy“to live this experience.

The feedback collected will help refine and improve the system, ensuring an even more immersive and personalized experience in the future.“, assures the city of Nice.

A commitment that doesn’t stop there

Other actions were carried out by La Mut’–Mutualité Française PACA SSAM in order to make the Carnival village fully accessible to people with disabilities.

Stands and supports adapted to the FALC (Easy to Read and Understand) method have been placed all around Place Masséna, in order to offer an inclusive experience to as many people as possible.

A great initiative, which could soon become popular.