The XXL water bottles, queens of social networks, are beautiful, but are they adapted to your water needs?

The XXL water bottles, queens of social networks, are beautiful, but are they adapted to your water needs?

In the United States and on social networks, Stanley Cup thermos bottles continue to appear as a trendy accessory. But is their XXL capacity an asset or a danger for health? We asked our medical director, Dr. Gérald Kierzek.

A water bottle so trendy that it becomes an essential accessory, it’s not that common. However, this is the destiny that the Stanley Cup, a giant thermos cup that we see everywhere today on social networks, seems to be taking. Have influencers set their sights on optimal hydration?

A bottle favored by influencers

Coming from an American thermos and cooler factory in 2016, the Stanley cup, as it goes by its nickname, is primarily reserved for workers. But the utensil does not know the glory. Until a group of women behind a shopping blog highlighted in 2020 the 1.2 liter bottle, capable of keeping drinks cold for 11 hours and drinks hot for 7 hours. With the help of social networks, the Stanley cup is gradually becoming the accessory that we want and that we must have from adolescence, like the latest pair of sneakers. Question of need on the other hand, difficult to say if the XXL water bottle is associated with health.

Deception on the healthy and eco-responsible side

It must be said that the bottle has been talked about recently, critically this time. While its selling point is based on a healthy and eco-responsible lifestyle (no more plastic bottles, a reusable object, good for the planet, etc.), the Stanley cup quickly became a victim of its success. Results ? Its appeal would push fans to overconsumption, (to have it in different colors) far from the expected reasonable attitude. But then, is the primary function, hydrating yourself throughout the day, also a pretext?

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Is 1.2 liters of water in a cup too much or too little?

The answer to this question lies in how you use it, summarizes Dr. Gérald Kierzek, medical director of TipsForWomens.

“1.2 liters, in theory, is perfect! It is the ideal quantity that we should drink during the day. Such a bottle therefore makes it easy to quantify our hydration from morning until evening.”

But the danger could come from people who therefore spend their time using their water bottle. If a person starts to fill their bottle several times during the day, this becomes problematic.

“We must not forget that hydration is also found in salad, vegetables, fruits which also count in water quantities; But if you suddenly drink 3 liters of water, the risk is what we call a dilutional hyponatremia. That is, water will dilute blood sodium (salt, essential for regulating blood pressure, nerves and muscles) because the person drinks too quickly and too much. The body no longer has time to decompensate between water intake and output. It’s water intoxication!”

To parody a well-known slogan, our expert recalls: “With a capacity of 1.2 liters, one gourd is fine, but three gourds, hello damage!”