One in four French people ready to resell their Christmas gifts in 2023, a historic record

One in four French people ready to resell their Christmas gifts in 2023, a historic record

The 13th edition of the eBay Barometer reveals a significant increase in the resale of Christmas gifts in France. 23% of French people say they are ready to resell their gifts, which marks a turning point in consumption habits in times of inflation.

In an economic context marked by inflation, the resale of Christmas gifts is on an unprecedented scale in France. According to the 13th edition of the eBay* Barometer, one in four French people plan to resell their gifts this year, an increase of 10 points in ten years. A record.

This phenomenon, particularly pronounced among 25-44 year olds with children living in regions with low purchasing power, reflects a change in attitude towards consumption. Indeed, for the first time, the money from resale—€49.43 on average—would be mainly used to pay bills, rather than for pleasure. 30% of French people plan to use the money obtained to pay part of their Christmas bills, while 29% intend to replace the gift they did not like.

And yet, 18% say they want to give another gift to one of their loved ones with the money obtained from the resale of their own gift. An observation observed largely among young people from generation Z and among residents of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region (30%).

This change in mentalities is also noticeable among gift givers. In 2023, 42% of them say they are happy to see their loved ones use the money from the resale to treat themselves to a gift that will really please them, compared to 34% last year. 41% of individuals approve of reselling gifts received with the aim of donating the money earned—an increase from 37% recorded in 2022.

The end of a taboo

Among the most resold gifts are video games, toys and books, often offered in duplicate or not matching the tastes of the recipients.

Everything suggests that the resale of Christmas gifts is no longer a taboo in France. It is now part of a pragmatic and economically rational approach, driven by a context of inflation and an increased need to manage personal finances more strategically.

We have been studying the phenomenon of resale of Christmas gifts for more than 10 years using our barometer. The results of this new edition are particularly revealing of the impact of inflation on consumption habits. Indeed, the proportion of French people ready to resell their gifts will see an unprecedented increase in 2023. And financial necessity prevails over pleasure: for the first time this year, the French will resell more to pay the bills than to treat themselves a gift they like. However, it is important to remember that the resale of gifts not only allows us to replenish our wallets, but also to be part of a circular economy.“, explained Sarah Tayeb, General Director of eBay in France.

*Kantar carried out this barometer online, on behalf of eBay, from October 12 to 16, 2023, among 1,340 adults aged 16 to 64, representative of the French population.

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