Pokémon Day: 3 impressive facts about the Pokémon phenomenon

Pokémon Day: 3 impressive facts about the Pokémon phenomenon

On the occasion of Pokemon Day this Tuesday, February 27, we unearthed three unusual pieces of information on this phenomenon in France (and in Europe). If, like many children, your toddlers love these fantastic characters, you will surprise them by becoming knowledgeable about the franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995.

Every year, on February 27, fans around the world celebrate the anniversary of the release of Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green in Japan in 1996. On this occasion, The Pokemon Company is planning major announcements that should delight young and old fans of these animals fantastic. If Pokémon fans are knowledgeable about cards and other derivatives, TipsForWomens reveals 3 figures that you may not have known.

Pokémania, a real social phenomenon

For twenty-five years, the popularity of the Pokémon phenomenon has been maintained by numerous launches which aim to expand the universe. Innovations around these fantastic animals have pleased younger generations while retaining the loyalty of early fans, constituting a true intergenerational phenomenon that is not weakening. Here are three figures representative of this craze:

  • Pokémon is the #1 property on the French market, so it is the one that sold the most toys in 2023;
  • Pokémon had 5 toys in the top 20 best sellers of 2023;
  • Pokémon is also #1 in Europe for toys.

Another figure, and not the least, in 2023, Pokémon strategy cards alone represented nearly 4.5% of King Toy sales. Overall, the brand has sold more than 1 million copies.

New Pokémon for young and old fans

For fans of the Pokémon saga, February 27 is synonymous with celebration with Pokémon Day. On this occasion, Funko Pop is highlighting its new collection of figurines.

Discover 5 new figurines that should delight pokemaniacs:

  1. Capumain: This 2nd generation Pokémon resembles a monkey with a predominantly purple body. It uses its tail to hang from a branch but also to pick fruit and manipulate objects. It wraps its tail around the branches so as not to fall when it sleeps.
  2. Goinfrex: It is a 4th generation baby Pokémon with a chubby blue body that spends most of its time sleeping and eating. His talents? He can pick up certain objects used by his opponents and his layer of fat protects him from many blows.
  3. Noctali: This 2nd generation Dark-type Pokémon has an ironclad mind that prevents enemy attacks from scaring it. He is also immune to the Intimidate talent.
  4. Larméléon: Larmeleon is a slightly shy Pokémon, which launches attacks from a distance, hidden in the water.
  5. Mentali: 2nd generation Pokémon, loyal and powerful companion, it attacks with star-shaped rays, which inflicts a lot of damage.

If there are nearly 900 Pokémon today, the slogan “catch them all” should continue to arouse the fervor of fans.